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Over the past few months, I appear to have become a major attraction for bees. At first, I would swat at them, to the point where a man in a Walmart parking lot could not stop staring at me swatting and trying to escape from one. At first, I took it personally. “Why are you after me? Are you trying to sting me and hurt me?” Then, I thought they might be after my children and at that, I raced to my car and left. Even after, it seemed like the bee was still attached to the car. Finally, he was gone. But it keeps happening. The bees keep coming. Were the bees trying to tell me something? So over time, I have accepted the bee as my spirit animal.
So I looked up the meaning of the bee as a spirit animal only to be disappointed, or so I thought. Retrieved from: I found that if a bee comes buzzing into your life, examine your own productivity. It asked if I could make my life more fertile? Am I busy enough? Am I making time to savor the honey of life and not becoming a workaholic drone? The bee, it says, reminds us to make our lives more productive while the sun shines and enjoy the sweet nectar of our efforts. No matter how great the dream is, there is always the promise of fulfillment if we pursue our dream.
Pondering what the bee symbolizes did not resonate with me at first. Maybe, I thought, I do not get the meaning just yet. In the end what I got from all this went much deeper and was more meaningful.
I feel as if I am always productive. But in truth my ability to inspire others is my real skill. I can inspire a waitress, a woman in a grocery line, a man doing construction, a staff member who works for me, or individuals that we serve in our program. But where I am not entirely effective — and certainly less consistent — is at home with my own family, the very place where I should be completely successful before shedding my light on the world. So, Mr. Honey Bee…I am on track now. My goal is to shine my light so bright at home and with my own family that I can march into Elegant Clinical Corporation and shine an even bright light on the other people closest to me. Thank you, Mr. Bee.

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