Blog 10 Gratefulness Never Gets Old

Being grateful never gets old. Every day — and some days can be pretty tough for all of us — someone is living through something that we wouldn’t wish on anyone. Just turn on the news for five minutes. You will become grateful for what you have.
I have learned to be grateful for so much in my life, whether the experience is bad, good or indifferent. We don’t always see it that way, but I know everything we experience is meant to teach us something.
Most of all I am grateful for my team, both my team at home and my team at work. Everyone transcends in wonderful ways I would never have expected. I used to want loyalty from people around me, but I never really knew what loyalty meant. I realized that I wanted something, but until I could embody it I couldn’t receive it. It all starts from within. I wanted love but I didn’t know how to give it. So I was always left feeling unloved — until I started to love myself. Now at age 35, I have learned what many learn at a much younger age. I am so grateful!
I really love this season and I love being able to give more. I always love to give, but what I now understand is that what we have to give is always there in our hearts. We embody it all. In my next post I plan to point out more examples of gratitude as we end this year and plan for 2016. It will be a wonderful year — I know it already!❤️

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