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While reading my e-mails I came across a survey from Facebook Business. They were looking for information about how businesses are using Facebook. The survey stated that there might be a follow up meeting in New York City the following week and asked for my availability. I said yes, I was available. The very next day I received an e-mail asking me to attend the meeting. It was certainly a spontaneous decision, but it also gave me some much-needed time to drive into Manhattan and have a lunch with my partner. At Elegant our purpose is so clear that sometimes the energy just needs to flow and we need time to breathe and make things happen.
So, the next week we found ourselves at Facebook Business (which is a really cool place, I might add). We were taken to a room where our responses were video recorded and posted on our Facebook page. Among many thoughtful questions, we were asked how Facebook could do a better job for its customers. Personally I find Facebook amazingly user friendly with so many ways to market all the services Elegant has to offer. I also feel that Facebook listens to customers like us in a very thoughtful way. It is a truly user friendly service that really cares what its customers want.
When you arrive at Elegant, you immediately feel an enormous rush of energy. Facebook feels the same way. In fact, their approach to customers and the way they do business — although on a much larger scale –reminds me a lot of our approach here at Elegant. Facebook cares about their customers, just as we care about our individuals. Like Facebook the incentives we put together are all people-focused, goals we set are all attainable and we are always listening to what our individuals want. It is this constant listening, and paying attention to those you serve, that can make one business stand out in a very big way. We enjoyed our time with Facebook and look forward to meeting with them again as Elegant continues to grow and expand its services.

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