Blog 3 Listen to your Heart

I have been thinking a lot lately about the responsibility that comes from the ability to help, inspire and influence everyone around us. As we all continue to grow and change, we must remain keenly aware of our powerful influence and do everything we can to make it better. That includes being open to changing the way we live and behave. While it is important to treasure all that we have learned there is a time to move on. Lately I’ve noticed that many of us don’t recognize when it is time to gently let go of anything, or anyone not in tune with your personal journey. Failing to do so can create gnawing tension that can undermine all the good work you are doing.
When I was doing my graduate studies, I read a book called, The Truth Will Set You Free, by Alice Miller. The book’s introduction talks about how psychologists must confront and subdue all of their personal demons to avoid implanting any belief in a patient that could jeopardize their treatment. This is a critical concept, since psychologists touch so many lives and their recommendations are taken so seriously. What they do has real and lasting impact.
But all of us bear responsibility for our powerful impact on others. The higher your own level of self-awareness the better off you and those close to you will be. Work at it. Listen to your heart. Pay attention to the small voice that whispers in your ear when you are moving in the wrong direction. Think about what you do. The decisions we make don’t just affect you, but impact your family and friends and all those close to you. Recognize that all is not what it seems to be, or centered on you. Maintain a clear vision of your own world and try with all your might and all your heart to avoid projecting or implanting your insecurities and mistaken beliefs onto others. Then you can be free to share yourself — and all that you have to offer — to inspire and change other lives for the better.

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