Blog 4 Procrastination & Pressure

I used to procrastinate quite a bit. Now I feel that sometimes that was a good thing. But if you procrastinate because you are afraid you will fail, or feel like you don’t deserve something, that may be harmful. When we first acquired our wonderful new building I thought, we should really just be grateful for having it and leave it at that. But I really wanted to add a conservatory right away since it is such a great addition to our program and something special for all of us. Still, I wondered if I was just being greedy. I was tempted to procrastinate. But no, I became convinced that having the conservatory and an event space were all part of a broader vision for us that needed to happen. So I followed that intuition.
Procrastination can be positive when you have not done something that proves to be on the back burner for a reason. This is where the relationship to pressure comes in. When I am under pressure I wait and listen – but I don’t procrastinate. Instead I wait just long enough to find out what that pressure really means. Is it telling me something important? Very often it is. Then I follow my intuition.
We all want to accommodate everyone, and do everything we can to help ourselves and others grow and prosper. No single person can save the world. But we can make a difference by helping to lead others onto the right path. We are all changing things one person at a time and must realize we cannot serve everyone. But those we do serve must receive our full attention and commitment.
So be guided by your intuition since it is a powerful force that will help you to make good decisions. We all deserve the greatness we were intended to achieve by fulfilling our dreams. Just make sure that you are not held back by procrastination!

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