Blog 5 Stress & Coping

We all worry and everyone has stress. If left unchecked it can consume us. So what can we do to deal with stress? One thing I didn’t learn early in life is how to take care of my physical being. I know I am not alone in this. In some families it is not taught. In others you just don’t see your parents taking care of themselves, so you are not taught how. In others you may learn that we do not need, or deserve, to take care of ourselves. We then learn to cope with stress by eating, drinking, smoking cigarettes, and worse. But taking good care of yourself, mentally and physically, can help you deal with stress.
At Elegant we teach our individuals mental and physical coping skills. We teach them everyday. We all keep physically active. We also teach them coping skills when stressful situations happen since we are fortunate enough to always be around when they occur. In those crucial moments we have the ability to be both teachers and guides, showing our individuals a better way to cope. We also free them from feeling guilty about stress and the challenging situations it can create. Instead of having someone trapped by feelings of guilt and disappointment in their behavior, we move them on and teach them to recalibrate.
Our goal is always clear. It is hands down to move individuals forward. In order to do that, we cannot allow them to get stuck in the past. Not their childhood, last year, last week, or the last minute. We just show them a way to move on. We teach them to live as if they have already achieved everything they wanted, as if they were already free from all stress. When you really believe that, and you work hard at living in that frame of mind, you then achieve it. I know it works because I have seen and experienced it over and over again. I am convinced it can happen for you too.

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