Blog 7 Gratitude & Decisions

I took some quality time off this week, which isn’t easy since my mind is always with Elegant. But it was a good time to be away since my gift to inspire myself and others needed some recharging. I now know that my goal of quarterly vacations is a must. I just need to make more time to disconnect. I saw other hard working people while I was away and it definitely fortified me for the work ahead of me. There are many dreams that need to become reality in 2016.
For my time off I went away to a place where people were smiling and grateful. Gratitude was in the air. They were not consumed by what they didn’t have, or by what happened or didn’t happen, in the past. As Carlos, a new friend said, “You can’t go back. You have to keep moving.” It was inspirational and renewing to see such hope in hard working people combined with good nature and good intentions.
In fact it, I must admit it led me to defriend some people on Facebook as I continue on my journey of discovery for our program in 2016. It also led me to terminate a staff member who wasn’t upholding our mission. None of this means that people who don’t work for us, or that I defriend, aren’t on their own special journey. I hope they find the same inspiration that has led me and Elegant to where we are today. I truly wish everyone well. But for me to continue to grow personally and professionally decisions need to be made. I’m all for new decisions and breathing fresh air. But in order to do that sometimes, you have to exhale people, things and anything that isn’t serving you anymore.

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