Blog 8 Acceptance & Energy

So 2015 is almost over. We have accomplished so much at Elegant, moving closer and closer to making our vision become reality. Of course we have had ups and downs as positive and negative energy forces influence us. But through it all I have learned so much. For instance I have learned what happens when you find negative energy around you and learned how to rise above negative influences.
I have also learned that acceptance is crucial to people. I have acquired a true understanding of that which has built up over the years. Our diverse and amazing team at Elegant reflects that understanding and our individuals and team alike appreciate each other for what we are and what we all have to give.
To live a life you can be proud of you must appreciate others, respect them and love them. At work we must live up to our full potential. At home we must generate positive energy towards all who are close to us. If we do that, we can truly enjoy the life of joy and abundance we have all earned. When we radiate strong positive energy those who do not fit in will slowly, but surely, move away from us. That is why I couldn’t be more excited about what 2016 has in store. Aside from getting married — which is wonderful, exciting, news for me — I also foresee so much positive growth for Elegant as well as for Ruby, our electronic documentation system. As a result I predict abundance, light and happiness for all of us in 2016!

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