Blog 9 Using Your Words

This week I found myself feeling frustrated with the overwhelming number of things to do right before the holidays. How could I possibly get everything done? (Welcome to the club, you are probably saying!) Even worse, I found myself feeling that those around me — both at home and at work – were not doing enough to help me. So, I became agitated and began working even harder. Not a good situation!
In the middle of all this my partner, who is a reasonable man, calmly made me realize that I needed to ask for help. Walking around being all passive aggressive with a chip on your shoulder does not help, he said, and feeling overwhelmed with everything bottled up inside does not answer questions or solve problems. We must all open up and ask for help, he said, and he was right. We talk to our individuals and our own children and associates and ask them all to voice their concerns, to use their words. And all of us need to do the same thing!
My partner likes to say that a closed mouth does not get fed. I have learned over the years that this is so true. Speak up, making sure it is not coming from an angry and agitated place. Then help and advice appears, things get done and you will no longer be overwhelmed, angry and alone!

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