Blog 11 Special Mention

So…my Blog with Special Mentions for those who need to know I see them.
I am so blessed to have such an amazing family at home and extended family at Elegant. I have my true number one and soul mate, Mr. Tracy Mark Gaston. Without him, Elegant would not be. I would never have found the love for myself I needed for my mission in life without the love I have for this man. My babies, Lita and Nyla are both blessings. Lita, who is always testing me with her brilliance, has my sense of humor and the same ability to follow a calling that was meant for the two of us to share. Nyla, my youngest, so far… has taught me patience and wisdom and how to keep my own emotions together to stay positive throughout the day. Negativity pushes her mood to the dark side, so energy is everything for her. I am forced to keep it together for this little one. My next child, or children, will be calm. I need peace and tranquility and I know that’s what I will get.
As for my team, Ms. Jackson keeps it real, does her job and carries the Elegant Bee Mission far beyond what I could do. She embodies our mission and beauty all in one. Chantel, is someone I can count on and the love she gives is something that I deeply admire. You are exceptional. Miss Monica, you know I love you. You are so direct and truly fit in my world. The rest of my team, know that you are each appreciated and never forgotten. You all are just a few of those around me I am grateful for.
I came from a very negative team early in my journey through this world, but now I have truly found the right people. You are the right fit at the right time and all the time. As I have said before, those who don’t belong make a quick exit. That is not because I don’t think they will find a place to fit in, or because I won’t pray for them. They are just are not a fit for the Elegant world I am so blessed to have around me.

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