Blog 12 Program Keys in on Love

Over the past few weeks I have learned a few things about the keys to program success, especially during the holidays and the sheer emotional intensity they create. At this time of year structure goes out the window, consistency is missing and days don’t flow the same way. We humans like structure, or at least predictability, of some kind. Some of us have families to go home to during the holidays and some of us don’t. So it is a tough time of year, for positive or negative reasons. Often we are not as health conscious as we celebrate. That can throw our moods off, at a time when there are so many variables to contend with!
So what can we do to help keep the positive energy flowing? Well, we can give more hugs, and generally introduce more love into our lives. It is a time of need and giving! If we cannot love more, then we fuel negative energy that can spread like a virus. With unpredictability in the air, we need to share ourselves by loving more, giving more of ourselves and getting through the Season in an elegant fashion!
Here at Elegant we have adapted our program to the demands of the holidays by including healthy snack incentives, increasing fitness to four times each week, and adding social skills training that relates to the holidays. Lately we have had unprecedented success with our programs and we continue to track outcomes closely. We are thrilled with the results. By seeking outcomes that are measurable and using love to achieve your goals you have the keys to fulfilling your mission all through the year!

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