Blog 14 Genuine

Genuine is a word someone used to describe me recently. I’ve always loved that word, but never thought it fit for me. Genuine means being sincere, being authentic. I have used it many times to describe Elegant. Now that I have had a few days to think about it I am reflecting on what the Universe might want me to learn from it. Genuine is such a powerful word!
Being genuine allows you to offer support with true love for others while they jump onto their path of choice and travel through this life. When you accept others without conditions and travel with them on their journey — while they travel with you through yours — you share the experience even if you truly weren’t on the same path. Everyone has a story on our journey here on Earth — our individuals, myself and my team included.
The way the Universe works, an entire chain of events will happen to help explain “genuine” to me in a way that I fully understand. I greatly respect the person who said it to me and I take seriously that the universe is working for me to understand what it means. I have many inspirational private discussions with amazing people that I come in contact with at work, or outside of work, and I always put the best interests of others in the forefront when I am giving any feedback to someone.
Every minute of our time is spent for a reason. I am well aware of all of my actions and at the same time responsible for them, although sometimes I do not want to be!
The truth is, I have been through trials and tribulations on my ongoing journey to be exactly where I need to be at a given time for a given purpose. When we let go of judgments we open ourselves to possibilities that we never knew could exist for us. Trust me, I am living proof!

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