Blog 15 Intern Movie Reflection

I have been reflecting over the past week on administrative changes I have made at Elegant. I was able to make some much needed improvements in accountability and structure. Instead of not knowing where an activity is from day to day, there’s now a structure and plan. This means less uncertainty for our staff and individuals. In making changes I took into consideration all that we love to do and then, boy ,did I make it happen. I scheduled a cooking class. I made fitness a top priority. I scheduled weekly bowling and art and monthly music therapy. Everything we deal with is a lesson and I view the world through that lens for my state of the art program, Elegant.
Just a few years ago I was struggling personally and professionally to do better. I was getting caught up in my personal drama. But in less than three years, I was able to build a program and a life that I am passionate about. Not that I didn’t have a team to help me. I sure do. However, it is my own vision coming more and more alive as we speak.
Over the weekend I was able to relax a bit and watch the movie “The Intern.” It really resonated with me given my incredible hours, focus and passion for Elegant. I don’t want to give away the story line, but I felt so close to the main character played by Anne Hathaway. I am always looking for someone to bring to Elegant creative thought, problem solving and my kind of love and dedication. But I have yet to find that person. What I realize now is that it is my job to do all that. It makes me feel good to know that I was always intended to carry out my purpose as CEO of Elegant and that is exactly what I am doing. I must also accept other people for the wonderful things they bring, not keep looking for my clone. Sometimes things come up for us and we may not know the meaning. But as time goes on we see the lesson we were meant to learn. Because the lesson is always there – if we just listen.

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