Blog 16 Deserving what we need in life

As we work each day caring for individuals who need our help, we often see them trying to cope in ways that may be hurtful to others. In my opinion we are all guilty of behaving badly sometimes. As we try to take care of our personal needs we sometimes repress feelings, say things that are mean and passive-aggressive, or just ignore others by saying nothing at all.
Who benefits from this? No one, really. It only leads to unhappiness and guilt all around. What to do? Maybe we need to stop and ask ourselves, “What’s not working in this relationship and why?”
It doesn’t really help anyone in a relationship to blame someone for asking us to give them what they desperately need. They deserve it! If a relationship is not working with a friend, family member, or significant other, it may be better to just walk away – if only for a little while — so you can figure how to can fix it. If a relationship doesn’t honor your own needs, it shouldn’t be allowed to undermine your self-worth. In fact, you can make your self-worth soar knowing you had the strength to move on when you weren’t getting what you needed – and deserved – from a relationship that needs repair.

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