Blog 18 All Progress Begins with a Brave Decision

This is by far the best message that the Universe has ever to me. (I am also happy to report that the messages I receive are flowing more and more in the same direction as my hopes and dreams!) For many years, a lot more than I would like to admit, I have been allowing others to determine who I am. The result has been my light was dimming more and more. Now I know that there is only one person who can rescue me. It is me! So, I have started to do the work, the tedious, hard — oh so hard — work of really taking a look at what is going on around me, professionally and personally. This is a time for me to remove anything negative in my universe. It is a for me time to really open my eyes, move away from denial and see what it is that dims me.
So I have taken my own advice from my last blog and simply surrendered to where the universe is taking me. I have made up my mind that no matter what I do I will shine a light so bright it cannot be ignored. I have resolved to be braver than I have ever been and sail into unchartered waters towards a better life.
Lately the universe has unfolded so fast that I have had no choice but to keep up. Happily the result is I have made some decisions that, for the first time in my life, let me breathe. I have no chains. I am free. And, I intend to roar louder, shine with a brighter light, and move on to new heights. From this point in my life I will be beautiful and unstoppable! I can’t wait to see what is in store for me and my universe. But one thing I know, I am looking forward with confidence to a life of peace, love and understanding!

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