Blog 19 Think vs Know and Do

There are so many things to consider in life. Most of us strive for balance. It may be balance between work and family, or between career and personal growth. Whatever it is, it’s not always easy to maintain your equilibrium, especially with the huge investment of time and energy it takes just to live day-to-day. Myself, I prefer to work away at things the majority of the time. Yes, I am a thinker, but sometimes I process information long after I receive it. (There are also times when I react without thinking, but that almost never helps me and I usually regret it.)
What I do know and think about all the time is that anything is possible in the universe. Your dreams will become reality when you believe in them and act on them. Yes, it does take work. And there are also risks. But just thinking doesn’t move you into action. Just know that if you truly believe you can achieve anything. So stop over-thinking and take action! It may be letting someone know how you feel about them, pursuing the dream house you want, or kick-starting your life’s purpose into real action to receive the abundance you deserve. Just let go of your thoughts and give 100 per cent of yourself to making your dreams become reality.
Will things always work out? Does it just depend on luck? I cannot answer that question. None of us truly knows what the future will bring. What I do know is…the days I stop thinking and doing are some of the absolute best I have. So thank you Universe for sharing the treasure of balance with me, of guiding me to know when to stop thinking and begin doing each and every day.

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