Blog 21 Forgiveness

As I continued my journey of introspection, enlightenment and self-discovery, I met a wonderful person with a heart of gold who shared some knowledge with me about forgiveness. While I had read and studied a lot about it wasn’t helping me to find peace. That was because I wasn’t moving on, they said, putting aside all the people I must put aside, even though I might still care about them.
As I thought more deeply about what they were saying I realized how free I have been when I put aside toxic feelings of anger and resentment and forgave others. I have already learned while on my journey that it is not my place to judge. So as I continue to work on putting the forces that control my existence into balance, I will continue to forgive those I feel have trespassed against me. In truth, maybe they were not aware of what they were doing? Even if they were, why would I want to continuing holding on to those nagging feelings festering inside me? Maybe they have already embarked on a journey of growth and enlightenment and will someday emerge as better people themselves?
I want to love, balance and continue to live my purpose. I cannot do that dragging the chains of the unforgiven behind me.

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