Blog 22 Connection

Along with my gift for inspiration, I also have a talent for connection. Connection is anything you share with someone else — whether it’s intimate or not. Those you are meant to connect with are already out there waiting for you in the universe. When you let your inner light shine and your energy flow, you will start to make connections wherever you go. Embrace this because nothing is a coincidence. I realize now that people always come into your life for a reason. It might be to teach you something, or it might not. But I am always grateful for connections, no matter how good, or bad, or indifferent they may seem. In truth, they are all rare and special.
These days my love for people is all-embracing. I don’t believe we are only made to love one person (although I truly believe we only have one true soul connection). Maybe that connection is with your significant other – which is wonderful – but maybe not.
Over the past few of months, for the past year even, I have been learning so much about myself and grown more as a person than I can ever remember. I feel that is because of connections. I have learned that connections are something you can have with many people. Those meant to continue over time will always find a way to become a part of your life — no matter how long it takes. Other connections will be gone, but not forgotten, yet will still be important. Just don’t worry about how permanent they will be. That will work out naturally. Just remember to be open to all the connections that come along. If you do, it will help you find that wonderful life you were meant to enjoy.

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