Blog 26 Repurposing Yourself

Once you discover your true purpose in life, and begin to serve those who need you, it is an amazing feeling. But I have learned that the path toward achieving your purpose can be altered. For example, you must remember to take yourself into consideration and provide for your own needs. With that in mind, I have taken some time during a few stressful months to think about my needs and how I want to accommodate them while achieving my purpose.
Although we cannot always forecast the future, we can still move forward towards the place where our future will take shape. With that in mind, I plan to continue my journey working with those who face challenges and providing them with the opportunity to grow. With that decided, I feel that some changes are still in store for me that will move my life ahead in a better way. Sometimes our initial purpose serving others needs some redefinition. That may include adding ourselves to the list of those we need to serve. When we remember to take care of ourselves, we make it easier to serve others who may need our help.

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