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What is quality of life? The more I continue to try and balance work and family the more I realize how important quality time with friends and family is to me. The innocent smile on my daughter’s face, her contagious laugh and the company of friends make me feel so content. It means so much.
So I continue to work towards a goal I have in mind. My goal is to continue to live a life of quality, balancing work and family, for as long as I can.
I want to be able to teach strong values to my children. I also want them to experience the ups and downs of life and learn how to deal with them. I want to inspire and support all those close to me. And I want to be location independent, which is more and more possible today, yet I want to keep my amazing team around me to provide help and support. Life is about yourself of course, but it is also about who you to choose to share it with. I plan to continue to share my life wisely to find the quality in life we all deserve.

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