Blog 29 Emotions

Emotions play a big a role in my life. They are really important to me. But I need to move beyond them. If I don’t, they become counter-productive and disruptive. And that denies me things that are even more important to me.
I am a vigilante for expressing gratitude. I believe gratitude provides a solid foundation for your life. After that, family is the most important. So my emotions run high around the need to be grateful for my family. Judging them too harshly always comes back to haunt you. I know, because I have, and it’s not pretty. We are all on our own journey of emotions, love and spirituality in this beautiful world, but there is always something to be grateful for and family is on the top of my list.
Appreciating my life — without deluding myself about it — has been freeing. I now feel strong and clear headed and I want to share my gratitude for that with everyone! It’s like posting something on Facebook. If you want good, post good, put out love and gratitude. Put out all those feel-good, be-good emotions. Then watch them come back to you from every direction.

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