Blog 35 Friends & Family

When I was younger I didn’t have many friends. I used to wonder why. Although I still have relatively few friends I don’t wonder about it anymore. I am so excited about everyone I now share my life with, I feel truly blessed. It is my choice to be with them and I don’t make that choice lightly.
These days, I don’t waste a moment of my time on people I do not want to be with. Even if a work meeting is not going well, if it is past the point of no return and things are getting disrespectful, I will excuse myself. Life is too short for that. I have real work, a beyond-quality family, and a close circle of real friends.
Sometime envious people try to understand my life and how it works. I treasure the life I have been given, maybe more than ever before. So I tell them to work harder, focus on yourself and you may find the same appreciation and gratitude for life that I have found. And I tell them to really appreciate the friends and family you truly love.

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