Blog 36 Defending Our Freedom

This theme really does go hand in hand with the Memorial Day holiday this past weekend. (Although I must admit I never really thought of the connection until just now.) The freedom I am talking about is the personal freedom to sit at the beach, toes in the sand watching the waves without a care, completely in the moment. When you are living in the moment, you truly appreciate how beautiful the world can be.
(And it doesn’t hurt if the water is a perfect shade of blue.) The shimmering blue water aside, it is also about knowing your family is in a safe place where they can work toward their goals and have the freedom to do whatever, wherever and whenever they want.
Freedom is not just about being in a beautiful place. It is not dependent on your location. It is about being able to travel and experience the wonders of this world, large and small, as an integral part of your everyday life. Now THAT is so freeing to me I can taste it.
I feel like I am floating as I type this. I really believe if you work hard enough and follow society’s rules as best as you can, life can be whatever you want it to be. Each day I work to be the best for me and my family. I also work for my soul because within it I can breathe the pure air of freedom — and know what it is to truly be me.

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