Blog 41 Sure Things

Sure things make us feel comfortable. But do they exist?
It’s great to know your job is secure and your family and friends are safe. It’s nice to know there is money in the bank to pay your bills, buy food and essentials with enough left over to save for a vacation, or a new car, or a rainy day. But we soon learn there are no real sure things in life.
The more we face this fact the more we grow. We are all hanging on by threads of imagination, hope and delusion and must live each day to the fullest by working hard, spending quality time with our loved ones. We must confront the fact that sure things are a lovely ideal, but no more. The more I realize this the more sure I become that we must appreciate and be thankful for everyone and everything we already have around us in our lives. They are the closest we get to “sure things”. They are there to build our lives upon and with a big leap of faith move forward with joy and inspiration every day.

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