Blog 42 Hunger for Knowledge

I have always had a hunger for knowledge. If I didn’t know how to do something, or didn’t believe what I heard or read about it, I sought more knowledge. I also ask people questions about their lives and store that information away. I am always really curious about what may be out there, how other people see and think about the world and — most of all – about their hopes and dreams. It is amazing to see all the different energy there is in the world and where it can take us.
One thing that surprises me a lot – and maybe it shouldn’t — is the lack of motivation and sheer entitlement that I see in people today. Dreams don’t work unless you do. We can all dream, but at some point you have to get out there, release the fear and take a risk with your dreams. I always pursued my dreams whenever I could, after hours, before hours. I even dream about my dreams.
I find that too many people today just want to get paid. But they want the payoff without making the investment in time and effort to earn it. Of course being paid is important. What I now realize though is that when I stopped living just for a paycheck and started living for my dreams as well, things really came together for me. Really hunger to do and be the best you possibly can at everything you do. Work hard at it, pursue your dreams, and you will be surprised how naturally abundance will flow to you.

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