Blog 46 Chains

This week, as I sat back and watched life unfold, it suddenly became clear to me that most people live every day with unrealistic expectations — both about where they are going and what they are capable of doing. This is partly because people don’t usually see themselves clearly, but also because they have unrealistic perceptions of those around them. When you are loving and kind, you want to believe others are the same. When you think the world owes you everything and expects nothing in return, you always feel others are trying to harm you.
If you are being really honest, you soon realize your perceptions of others are just reflections of your own perceptions of yourself. If you see the world as a place of love, not hate, then more love will come to you. If you perceive more hate in the world than love, then you attract more sadness, anger and bad karma in return. I have found that when you focus on remaining true to the love deep inside all of us, you will inevitably be more loving and kind. I have found so many great and wonderful people who reflect this that I am convinced positive energy and love are the keys to growth and success in life.
In truth the world doesn’t need to know your story, or your personal truths for that matter. But, you do. I have seen so many people who have trouble realizing this because they want to strike out in anger. Ignore that impulse, which is lurking in all of us. Instead be someone who thrives by being true to your inner self. Free yourself from the chains that make you beholden to others who are often so stuck within their own misperceptions they have no ability to be true to anyone — not even themselves.

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