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I believe a friend, or a family member, or anyone else we are close to, can be a positive source of energy for us. I think we all have the ability to be positive or negative influencers, so we must work hard to develop the positive when we find it. Some days it is not so easy. I have moved away from some people, even those who have taught me many things. I realized they felt entitled to share the benefit of my hard work, and the abundance that flows from it. What I do each minute of the day, who I choose to spend time with, what I choose to do, is my choice. I now live a life I never believed was possible for me. I have a family I never dreamed of having. And I believe I have all this because I deserve it!
I’m so glad that that I have moved away from people who do not want to take responsibility for their lives, or for their actions. People who just pull me down. I pray that only karma keeps coming to them, but when I see them today they frighten me with their stagnant, ugly souls. They are still at the same point in their lives they were when I first met them at, standing on the sidelines, doing nothing, accomplishing nothing. The saddest part is they know this. When they look in the mirror every day they are repeatedly frightened by what they see.
As you do better for yourself and those around you, weed out the garbage. The funny, yet sad, thing is in years to come, you can go back to the same street corner, same mediocre job, same welfare office, same fantasy world, and it will all be there, just where you left it It isn’t your job, or anyone else’s, to move anyone along on their life journey. The truth is, it is the Universe that has your back, and mine!
It’s time for all of us to stop accepting the crumbs. People who gamble, stay out late every night, sell drugs when they’re middle-aged, must raise the bar for what they are willing to accept from life. Cut your hair a new way, put on makeup that works for you, color your hair the color it should be. Be proud and self-reliant and stop trying to take from anyone who is trying to do something brave and self-reliant. Do what you know you can do on your own. Wake up and look in the mirror with pride, or shatter that image. Pretty up! That mirror deserves the best face you have to offer.

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