Blog 52 Boundaries

I guess looking back, I didn’t learn a lot about boundaries growing up. I wasn’t sure what was healthy, or not. Now that I have the time to breathe some drama-free air, I realize how important boundaries are. It is so important to know if people truly want to have a healthy relationship with you, or just want something for themselves, which is a one way street you don’t want to go down.
It is so nice to finish work and focus on what I have created in life . . . to breathe fresh air and to drive down my own highway for a while. I am not here to impress anyone. I am here to follow my passion and live out my purpose, surrounded by those I love. We all need to sit down once in a while and really think about where we are and what we need to get there. Then we must create the boundaries we need to get us where we are going.

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