Blog 53 To Live is to be Courageous

Once, like many of us, all I had to look forward to each day was sitting inside four, dull, walls. I dreaded Monday, which was another day at a job I didn’t love. At work some people were full of self-imposed drama. Bosses resisted suggestions from employees, for fear they might out-shine them. My decisions were always small and comfortable. What should I eat for dinner, what are the plans for the next birthday, or holiday?
That’s stability. Most of us know it. I knew stability. But as I think about it, I realize it was mostly an illusion.
Life needs risk and some discomfort on the way to fulfillment. Even when success is achieved it must be managed with care. Other people become barriers when you achieve success. Hands reach out expecting money from the money tree. They want to start a business, but want you to do all the work. They want you to do things for them, while they avoid time and effort themselves. It takes courage to confront such challenges. It takes courage to know you’re right. You must be courageous to move on from just living, to living out your dream. When you forsake comfort for courage you can experience the best your life has to offer. Believe me, I have been there, and I know.

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