Blog 55 Letting Go

I am letting go of things that are not meant for me. That is a really amazing concept for me, as I continue on my journey. If we took nothing personally, how good would that feel? Well, just thinking of this short week I can come up with quite a few examples. Is anything really personal anyway, or is it just a reflection of someone else’s twisted journey, or better yet a lesson for us to note and move on.
How about the billing lady at my doctor’s office that continued to demand a preauthorization letter for a specialty visit when my health insurance didn’t require one? How about the e-mail from another agency about a client and their inability to help her get up and walk and work on healthy living? How about people that decide to be lazy and not do their job and add hours of extra work for us? If I sat around taking this personally what would that turn into? Maybe depression and anxiety because I wasn’t able to move forward with my mission? Instead, I called for that useless authorization I knew I didn’t need. My cool assistant put in some extra time with the people who couldn’t do their job. I let it all go.
I am letting go of what I shouldn’t own. Drama may pass through my door through a tiny crack, but what I can assure you is, I will seal that crack with the heaviest new caulk known to man. Trust me, it won’t be back. Let go! The insecurities and hatred others possess isn’t ours to own. Put love in the universe for those who desperately need it and know that love will return twofold to you.

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