Blog 54 Silence


I have been thinking about silence lately. How empowering it is!  I don’t mean ignoring others, I mean sitting back and enjoying the quiet, listening to the sounds around you and observing the world.  There is a lot of noise around us.  When you really listen you see people for what they really are. You see the reality, the good and the bad, within. When I am silent, my intuition guides me.  It also inspires and enlightens me, helping to inspire and enlighten those in my care.  When you listen, not so much to words, but to the internal meaning they express, it puts a new perspective on life.

Silence helps me be more mindful of my actions and to think carefully before acting out my emotions.  It helps me focus more on what really matters and pay more attention to the feedback and support I receive.  What I now realize is that some of the people who speak the loudest have the least to say. In fact they are some of the saddest people I meet.  People who are always talking about someone, everything and nothing, are those we should pity, as they do not know peace and calm, only unnecessary drama.  So enjoy the silence!

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