Bullying isn’t just in High School

Bullying continues after high school and well shouldn’t ever begin. I am not sure I have all the answers to bullies, however from my experience they are people that cannot hold their head up high and very well may be the cowards of the world. The issue for them is that they don’t realize that they are beautiful just like every other human being. Because of how ugly they feel, they project this feeling by pushing harm on others physically or mentally.

The solution starts at home, in my opinion and if you are older, personal growth and maybe therapy. When you are an adult and you still carry on this sick cycling of behaviors it’s clear you need some real help. I myself try to avoid these people, ignoring can definitely work. At the end of the day though when you stand up and say no more and you are direct that you have had enough, that can be the only way to stop an adult bully. I have recently experienced this and watch others around me do the same.

At this point in my life I know how beautiful and blessed my life is. If everyone focused on their own home and what the mirror tells you to do better, it would be a world of bullying extinction. So, lets all take a good hard look at why our lives look the way they do, and if you don’t feel beautiful and blessed, get back to that mirror, there is a reason why and it’s YOU! Stop being a victim and blaming others for your wrongdoing. Start to take responsibility for this nasty behavior and get well!

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