Always Rise Heart of Gold

Always Rise ❤️ of Gold

Hearts of Gold. Something I possess. With that comes negativity at times. I know you may say why. What is negative about a heart of gold? What’s negative, more who is negative toward those with hearts of gold are people who don’t possess or envy this beautiful heart. At times those of us who have this blessing may think of it as a curse because it can be mistreated or hurt. Others may take advantage of you, take more than anticipated, only come around when something is needed, not really check in or care.

The one thing I know is those of who possess this blessing can never fall victim to the, well I just won’t care or I won’t give my heart again mentality. We must continue to give of ourselves, along with to ourselves. When we do that we will never be victim to others behavior that is less than desired. We will always rise.

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