Thanksgiving Gratitude

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Writing about my gratitude is nothing to my showing of appreciation to others, the details I remember, making sure to remember important things, dates, what is going on for others is that interpersonal connection I feel like we all long for. When it comes to an actual challenge of gratitude, I could write a book and a long book at that.

Family first above all, but then what about all the little things that of course shouldn’t go unnoticed for this Thanksgiving Day. The relaxation scents I am grateful for, above all lavender. I haven’t met any scent that comes close to that of lavender. I have it in essential oils in every part of my life. It truly makes my mood improve.

The apple computer and phone systems I am grateful for. Their ability to be unmatched regarding organization across all platforms is unbeatable. I wanted to mention some everyday things that without the invention, life wouldn’t work the way it does.

I am beyond grateful for my brain and he knowledge I have learned. I am blessed to be able to turn my dreams into a reality and then some. I am not just a dreamer. I am a doer. I am so thankful for the decision making skills and the risks I am willing to take to ensure my goals will be achieved.

I am grateful for boundaries. Boundaries create a safe place for us all that not all of us learn growing up, myself included. But, when boundaries are in place it makes communication more clear. We should all have some boundaries in life and always respect. Respect is to never be messed with. I don’t tolerate disrespect anymore. I am grateful for respect!

On this day of giving, even though everyday I am giving, whether it be of something or whether it be my energy. I am willing to share it with those who actually want it. Wanting to look within is a tough task, but knowing this journey I am always willing to share and explore with others.

No matter what path of your journey you are on, know the script can always be re-written, the ending can change. None of that cannot happen without gratitude and most of all love❤️

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