I care.

I care.

I have spent my life caring, thus far. I find it a wonderful thing and a blessed quality. I am passionate about all I do and care for all those in my path. I feel like anyone who enters into my path, whether it’s on vacation, a waitress or a chance encounter with a stranger. All is my journey to see it, take it in and choose which direction I will ultimately go. We are all fortunate like that. When we raise our head up high, open our eyes, and ears and mostly our heart, we are able to see such beauty in the world.

One thing I do notice is that not everyone has the same heart, not because they don’t want to, but because they think from their level of perception. And, that’s ok, not to be judged but be cautious. Continue to care, but always remember to care for yourself first then those around you, the one’s most dear.i

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