Well this is a subject I don’t necessarily discuss. What is friendship? I’m not sure I am the best to answer it. I hope that I am a decent friend. I’m not all that committed to extra curricular activities that others would like. I don’t go out much. I’m not one to “hang out” really. I’m here though. I’m available. When you text I do text back. When you call, I may not always be available but I will call back.

I try to be there for friends in a new sense these days. Instead of always forcing my thoughts or opinions I wait until they are ever needed if at all. I try to listen more than respond. I try to interject of course non-judgmental advice and love into my friendships. I am and will always be a generous friend as that’s the way it’s written for me in the universe.

I don’t believe others need to be as generous back ever. My expectation of others is an ear, but more importantly loyalty. I would do anything to know that someone is and can be as loyal as I can be to them. I also feel like people can move on from friendships with no re-course. I don’t feel like when you have had enough of a relationship with anyone that they should go and tell secrets or make up lies. When a relationship ends move on. As adults growth is imperative. I have had to leave a lot of people behind not because anything was wrong with where they were at, but because I had to grow and move on.

Life is far more simple than we make it.  The deeper you can care about yourself, the more to offer to friends.  So, don’t be upset when someone can’t give you exactly what you put out.  People can only give to the capacity that they love themselves 🙂

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