I think an interesting exercise is to plan some goals for yourself. It’s important to make short term and long term achievable goals. I think many of us are busy in the day to day routines and responsibilities we fail to think about our goals. It’s time to get back to our dreams and goals and start making some progress toward achieving them.

One thing I realized throughout the time I have really stepped into being a business owner what I realized is that what stops us from our goals and dreams is negative people who are really our own insecurities playing out and self-doubting us. So the next time we may get made at negative miserable people, pray for them. They may not have goals. The goals you possess will keep you from engaging in anything other than them. Don’t let anyone detour you from your dreams. They say the secret to success is in your daily routine. It truly is. Dream your goals, make a plan, and grind them out until you own it!

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