Successful people tend to journal things, keep notes so that they can measure their success over time.  It’s what I read in blogs, books, and know from talking to people who are making it, who have drive, and commitment.  With that being said, there is journaling that you do when you keep a running tab in your mind of experiences that you have, memories that you share, feelings that are in your heart.  There is also the flip side, people to watch out for, stay away from, avoid, or confront are all in that running tab in your head.

With that being said, I think it is important to also document when it comes to work and happenings that take place.  I have chosen to quietly observe while we have done all that we can to showcase the wonderful things we are doing and outcast all the bad.  But, document, never let something happen without documenting it.  It all shows up with experience down the road, it all has a payment or check from Karma.  So Journal, don’t let life go by without the precious moments being captured, after all, in life those precious moments are what matter, not the sip of evil that comes from time to time, just stay armed for that, surrender and God will have your back!

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