About Our Team

Elegant Clinical Corporation was an idea that came forward by Mr. Tracy Gaston, Chief Operations Officer.  He led the development of Elegant and encouraged Dr. Karen Gaston to get on board his train.  Two people from two totally different backgrounds came together to live out the beginning of their dream and vision of sustainability for people with special abilities.  They truly believed in person-centered programing.  Mr. Tracy Gaston has the experience and Dr. Karen Gaston has the education.  Together, Elegant emerged!  They are a ride or die team that is unstoppable.

The Universe set in motion and here we are!

Karen Lapienski Tracy Gaston Photo: David Spagnolo

Elegant is a groundbreaking program fostering emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological well-being.  We live our mission daily inside and out of work.  The entire team does!  It was more than time to get away from heavy administratively run agencies and open the doors wide to shine.  We are here to model what should be done.

Elegant also employs an electronic documentation system developed by it’s founders, Mr. & Mrs. Gaston, RubyFB_profile1


Karen Professional“When people show you who they are, believe them”

Karen Gaston, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer (CEO) brings a diverse background of business with passion, integrity and purpose.  She has a doctorate in psychology which certainly is of great use to our dually diagnosed individuals at Elegant Clinical Corporation.  Dr. Karen Gaston’s vision is clear and with divine passion.  Her drive and impeccable work ethic is envied by many.  The organization has developed into something only some could dream of.  She runs a true person-centered organization with love and compassion.  Dr. Karen Gaston believes anything is possible and will find a way to execute the Elegant mission.

Tracy Professional“I am confident because I can admit who I am, what I’ve done and love myself for who I have become.”

Tracy Mark Gaston, Chief Operations Officer (COO) brings in a business, entrepreneurial mind from over twenty years in business and over 14 years of working in the field with people with special abilities.  He started from the ground floor and worked his way to the top.  The top is certainly where this man of extreme loyalty and integrity shall remain.  His direct management style is necessary in this field.  His drive and proven ability to deliver is beyond noticeable.  Mr. Gaston carries out the Elegant mission better than anyone on the team.  He exceeds expectations in performance.

india-professional“Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.”

India Brantley, Director of Elegant & Beyond, who is calm and collected.  She enters each challenge with a flowing energy and goes above and beyond for the individuals we serve.  India is an expert at Ruby Electronic Documentation system and also writing reports.  Anything India is given, she will figure out.  She is an ultimate problem solver.  Her leadership skills are stealth and stellar.


Chantel Pic“Be yourself, set examples, adapt to change, and never change who you are to be accepted.”

Chantel Boswell, Operations Leader, who is a loyal, charismatic leader who is detail-orientated.  Her social skills class is state of the art, raw and so necessary to promote our individuals growth.  Her initiative and determination speak for itself.  You can ALWAYS count on Chantel.

ChiChi“All you need is Love and a Cat”

Chi Chi, is a loving, shy, but also social cat with those who carry the right energy.  Chi Chi ensures that the program is safe after hours and is head of security when the building is closed.  Chi Chi is loyal and an excellent addition to the Elegant team.

Penny Pic“Life’s most persistent, and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”  MLK

Miss Penny, is always doing for others.  She is diligent, calm and maintains control in the most loving ways.  She is always someone you can count on.  She is professional and witty.  Our individuals love Miss Penny!

Kareem“Healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of life.”

Mr. Kareem, is experienced with leadership skills that really work with our individuals.  He takes time to keep order and love in the program.  He is diligent, detail oriented, free spirited and loving.  He remembers things to help the individuals and doesn’t leave them hanging.

Monica Pic“Always find time of the things that make you feel happy to be alive” #simplethings

Miss Monica, is someone who is loyal, faithful and ready to dive in.  She is a provider and will provide the best of care to the individuals at Elegant and beyond in in-home supports.  Her work ethic is one of integrity and tremendous style, not to mention her divine style.  Monica is an essential part of Elegant operations.

Darnell“Don’t talk about it!  Be about it!”

Mr. Darnell, is funny full of energy and life.  He has a way of keeping the program sane through the most insane times.  He listens to the needs of the individuals and acts on what needs to be done.  He is a diligent leader in the program who ensures incentives and balanced order.  Everyone loves Darnell!


Devon Pic“Make the most of your days, but don’t make a dollar, make a difference.”

Mr. Devon, is a stealth, reliable worker who we can count on to do work without question.  He does always what needs to be done and can be counted on.  He is an excellent team player and someone to look up to. His work ethic speaks for itself.


Derrick Sheets“What comes around, goes around.”

Mr. Derrick, is a quiet, warm, and loving part of our team.  He is always willing to be a part of the team and do whatever is necessary to ensure the daily operations at Elegant.  He is easy going and easy to talk to.  He is fair and balanced and a pleasure to have on our team.

Edwin Pic“Never knock a man down when he is laying on his back.  Pick him up!”

Mr. Edwin, is a mentor and leader by nature.  He rallies up the team, keep people motivated and has inspirational messages to our team and the individuals we serve.  He is an inspiration to our individuals as well as our team.  He is always willing to help.

takishaNothing beats a failure, but a try.”

Assistant Director of Elegant–Mrs. Takisha, is a new soul who is calm, loving, and always willing to help.  Her presence is absolutely needed in this industry.

“To be aware is to be alive”

Sylvia, is a super smart, powerful soul.  She has a wealth of experience and knows how to work with clients because she absolutely cares.

“One’s opinion does not have to be your reality.”

LaTisha, is one of our newest members who we are learning day by day is someone who truly loves the work she does and has a super-caring nature.




Our Individual Testimonials:

“It’s a good job and safe place.  We are FAMILY!”

“It makes me feel better and they help me with my problems.”

“Staff help us get into the world!”

“I love the activities.”

“They really listen to what we want, and we get it!”