The things I know for sure…

The things I know for sure

Oprah wrote this book that I recommend to others all the time, whether they take my advice or not, is unknown.  She writes about the things she knows for sure which have to do with setting healthy boundaries, relationships, good energy and intuition.  

As I have embarked on my journey, I have found all to be grateful for.  For those of you who read my blogs know that gratitude is truly at the foundation of my life and purpose here.

There are some things I know for sure.  I know that an idea doesn’t come to life without action.  I have spent energy listening to ideas, advising others to make plans to achieve their goals they set forth with the ideas they tell me about and watched nothing happen.  What I know for sure is money doesn’t grow on trees.  Success takes going underground alone and pulling 12-14 hour days, Fridays and weekends included.  That I know for sure.  I know people who won’t commit to a day let alone everyday.  I won’t put much energy into the dreamers without them being a doer.  

People don’t care what you do when you have nothing.  But when you have more than a dollar in your savings account, people start coming, out of the wood work people you may not even know to act like they care, profess interest all to try to take 50 cents of the dollar you earned.  That I know for sure.  

What you allow is what will continue.  That I know for sure.

People you think you know from past even supposed professionals can be on a warpath for your demise.  I have seen people who have lawsuits, agencies with HUGE lawsuits, on the news, people who are devilish judge me and what I do.  What I know for sure is that the green monster of jealousy is something fierce.  It leads to all types of lies and deceit.  I have seen people come out of the biggest glass houses throwing stones.  What I know for sure is jealousy comes in the shape and form of all kinds.  It’s diversity will terrify you.

I have seen people who I have told directly my concerns run around behind my back to be evil.  What I know for sure is that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.  That I know for sure.

I know that my heart is pure, what I know for sure is anything in my intuition.  And of course, God favors me as one of his children.  I am protected and I know this for sure.  All those around me have the same protection, especially my family, that I know for sure.

What boggles my mind is that people don’t want to stand by the laws of karma.  It’s a crazy thing.  I have seen karma happen quick and I have seen karma happen after time.  Any way you look at it, what’s in the dark will come to light…and never mistake kindness for weakness.  Nobody is better than anyone else and the universe will always serve.  This I know for sure.

If you don’t learn the lesson the universe is sending the universe will kick out another lesson, one that is going to be a little harsher and made to electrify you so you become stronger and ultimately continue to serve.  That I know for sure.  We are all sent here to serve.  When we lose sight of all this and live in a web of lies for reasons of greed and jealousy, the lessons of the universe appear.  What I know for sure is, I am always cautious with the universe for I have seen and know for sure what it’s capable of.

I will continue to carry out my purpose all the while knowing the misery existing in others who have tried to stop me, but will never succeed.  This I know for sure.

Diamonds shine.  That’s what u know for sure.  When they come from the ground and weather the storms, they are the strongest of all diamonds and the most beautiful. 

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Secret to Success

Secret to Success

The secret to success comes in many forms, not always one answer and success is defined to people in different ways.  One of the things that I feel is key in success is movement.  Movement toward your goals, movement away from negative/toxic people and movement toward freedom.  My definition of success has freedom closely attached.  Ironically though freedom isn’t free.  

Soldiers have to take a stand in war.  They have to be definitive, go after the target, confront the situation and conquer.  The courage and bravery that a soldier must have is unimaginable.  They can’t be a bystander or be neutral.  They can’t hide behind a wall and judge other people and gossip, they have to act.  They have to focus on the goal, the target.  It could mean life and death.  Never seeing loved ones again, can you imagine!

Be a soldier.  Stay true to your own mission of freedom.  While other toxic devilish people come around and try to knock you down, make up lies for personal gains, not like you because you are courageous and fight for what you are here to do, which is to serve!  You see, the Devil is a liar!  And no matter what he keeps coming with, be a soldier and keep moving in the direction of your goals and your dreams.  Be free!  Always remember what you are here, this time, this soul, now.  Nothing can stop your mission because God and the Universe will spin that evil  and the law of karma is certainly in our favor.  Keep in mind what side of the karma you want to be on though.

I live the life I want because I had the courage to go out and create it.  Do the same.  Along with success being similar to what a soldier has to do, remember when you are working on Devils work that the Devil isn’t your friend either.  Because their soul has no shine, doesn’t mean they can steal any shine from you.  

I know for me, I absolutely won’t let them, even on my weakest days.  Freedom is something I feel with all my senses, a feeling that is like no other!

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Love Wins!

Love Wins

Love is truly everything. When I love I have no time to hate, be fearful, or harbor negativity. Like all of us, I am here on my mission, and each of us carries out our mission in our own way. But we must all work together to achieve fulfilment without creating negativity or division. Yes differences occur, but that’s what makes life a challenge. Diversity breeds superior results that couldn’t possibly be achieved alone.

In my life, professionally and personally, I have always chosen love. I have chosen to be forgiving, and pursue personal freedom, which needs a strong foundation in love. If we truly love our family, our work, and follow our passions we experience true love.

I don’t like negativity. I find that the sooner we move on from any episode of negativity the close we are to love. Yet both at home and at work, boundaries must exist as part of a formula for success. People need to know you mean business. But when people experience enough love they feel it all around and they reflect that love back to others. So I prefer love to negativity[Ma1] . I may be no-nonsense in my approach to teamwork, but run a tight ship full of love. The more you are driven within a foundation and mission of love – no matter what you do – the more you won’t ever settle for anything else.

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Spiritual Encounter

Spiritual Encounter 4-13-2017

She said she was originally from Chicago and we talked mostly about children and life. Youthful and attractive at 49 there was something special and compelling about her. She was clearly someone with an amazing sense of self, life and personal spirit.

So I was surprised when, during our conversation, she said she believed she would die in three years at the age of 52! She said this was just a conviction and that she was not ill, or facing impending death. Yet she knew she would die at 52, and that was that. Yet despite her morbid conviction she was still one of the most upbeat, full-of-life, people I have ever met!

Afterwards I felt that I had really received an important message. Her strong sense of mindfulness had elevated our conversation above the everyday and had left me inspired to work even harder to live in and for the moment. I believe we are all so concerned about tomorrow that we don’t enjoy all the joy and blessings we receive today. So in honor of my new acquaintance I have vowed to practice mindfulness even harder to celebrate her beautiful soul and mine. I feel privileged to have had even a small encounter with such an amazing and inspiring individual who has left me with such a great and valuable gift.

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Believe you Can!!!

If you believe you can, If you believe you can’t…

I love quotes! I am sure you can tell!

Whether you believe you can’t or can do something it makes a difference. Reading quotes, liking them doesn’t compare until you are living them, truly living them, truly aware of the meaning.

I know people who will argue as if they are in life’s highest debate as to their position on something while not truly living whatever it is they are debating or believing that something is so worthless simply because that is how they truly feel.

My oldest is looking into colleges and one that is elite simply debating over and over all the reasons why she may not get in. So, finally I said, then don’t apply. Don’t waste yours or anyone’s time applying if you don’t believe in yourself. If you believe you can’t do it then you can’t. Simple. That stopped the debate in its tracks. There was no further need to progress on as if she couldn’t. Thankfully she changed her mindset and will be applying. We even did a college tour!

Out of all the hard roads I continue to overcome. The journey has taken me in such exciting directions teaching me bravery, courage, love, tolerance, and an unstoppable passion that I believe existed all along. One of the toughest battles I feel like I have yet to conquer is weight. The more I think about weight and move toward a healthy lifestyle, the more I think we believe ourselves fat.

I am still working through the kinks of my hypothesis, but I do believe I may do this on a daily basis. As I start working on changing my habits I also realize we carry an emotional habit as well to hold onto the weight. As I eat any carbs, I simply feel defeated as if I know I will be bloated after ward and simply give up for the day if I do eat them. So I started becoming more aware of it. I stopped punishing myself for all that I am, for the body I need to love. So what, I had some bread. I ate the snack, the dessert. That still means I am sexy, attractive and confident. I believe we constantly sabotage our own selves from success.

I don’t believe I should have this or that, or did I work hard enough, did I work out? Did I eat well…? It’s all a cycling of nonsense. When you stop all the naysayers in your head and the script changes in your mind, body and spirit, transformation has room to occur.

Let’s all get on a journey of transformation and stop letting our own head stop us from the mission we are here to serve.

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Game Changer Year

Game changer Year

So far so good the new year. Got the right team. Plans are in place and the vision is slowly coming to life. I am committed to staying positive, my goals and as should you be. If something comes in your universe and wants to rattle your progress that’s ok. Let it in and then let it quickly out. Don’t be detoured. This year I am convinced is game on and a game changer.

If you have put in the effort than watch it start working. Your life is meant to work with you. If it’s a new job, fitness goal, business endeavor, parenting strategy, stick with it. The more we stick with something, persevere the more you see results and you will.

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I think an interesting exercise is to plan some goals for yourself. It’s important to make short term and long term achievable goals. I think many of us are busy in the day to day routines and responsibilities we fail to think about our goals. It’s time to get back to our dreams and goals and start making some progress toward achieving them.

One thing I realized throughout the time I have really stepped into being a business owner what I realized is that what stops us from our goals and dreams is negative people who are really our own insecurities playing out and self-doubting us. So the next time we may get made at negative miserable people, pray for them. They may not have goals. The goals you possess will keep you from engaging in anything other than them. Don’t let anyone detour you from your dreams. They say the secret to success is in your daily routine. It truly is. Dream your goals, make a plan, and grind them out until you own it!

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Bye 2016 Hello 2017

2016 was a very interesting and prospering year, for sure.

I am grateful to all the lessons that I took away from 2016.  I am grateful to new relationships that have been formed and I am grateful for bridges that have been burned.  I have learned that not everyone is around for your journey, some are only part for a little vacation or two.  I have learned to speak up about my wants and needs and got back to reading again.  So many of us have moved away from reading, try to put a book or two on your resolutions sheet for next year.  I have learned more patience for myself and others in some ways and less in others.  I refuse to back down to anyone who is going to come around me or my family and do harm.  I find myself reading ignorant posts and emails from those vacation journey people and laughing hysterically.  Find your purpose people.  When you find your purpose with passion and conviction, everything else comes together.

Is it easy what I do?  No.  Are there sacrifices?  Why of course.  I am an entrepreneur, not just the runner of Elegant Clinical Corporation.  I was just told I need to have 7 businesses.  Well, we are on our way!  Our success can be seen in the lives we touch.  When we find bad press from people, it’s really good press because the mouths that bad press comes from are those who you see are truly MISERABLE with themselves.  I can’t change that, nor do I intend to.  You are away from myself, family and business for a reason.  What I choose is my choice.  I choose happiness, passion, purpose, viability, and wealth.  I plan to donate more and do more good.  I plan to continue to bless others as the Universe continues to Bless me.  Friend or Foe for 2017, I do wish you well.  All the lessons have taught me to vibe with my tribe so I end with gratitude, of course.  I am beyond grateful for 2016 and all the years before.  I look forward with freeing thoughts to 2017 and all the blessings to come!

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Get a positive tribe ASAP.

Recently I have seen the results of negativity attracting their tribe. I’ve seen it so much that I have completely avoided it. We have people come to our program whose black clouds are so frightening that I have to diverge myself from any contact.

I watch these people come in and ask intrusive questions with negativity and continue to ask until they get a negative response. It’s like until it’s negative they will keep going. I have no space for that or their lifestyle. I don’t know anything great that comes from a negative mindset. It’s sad that these people merely exist in the world. Maybe it’s more so frightening.  Get a Positive Tribe ASAP!

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When People Show you who they are BELIEVE THEM

When people show you who they are, believe them, accept them, forgive them, but make sure your life doesn’t involve them if what they are showing isn’t something you want to be around.

I feel as this year is coming to an end, that I must focus on more tolerance and acceptance for those who are different. For the family member who only wants a hand out, for the so called friends who have come and gone who feel a sense of owe, I forgive you. You have showed me how poorly you feel about yourself and my job is to accept you, pray for you and forgive you. I have found this has left such peace within me.

You see what I have found truly is we are oceans apart in how we live, how grateful we are, how we perceive ourselves and the peace we carry within our spirit. I have found that my spirit continues to feel full. With these continued lessons I look forward to the mountains I will move.

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