New Year’s Resolutions 2017

New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

I can remember last year saying that 2016 is going to be a good year.  Every year I have such optimism for the year ahead.  I don’t feel any year is super bad.  I feel that each day consists of lessons to learn from and do better.  As humans, we spend an awful lot of time beating ourselves up and not uplifting ourselves let alone one and other.  I know that some of the things I have learned have been greater patience in situations.  Having patience really is a virtue.  Sometimes when we are so quick to jump on something or we don’t think something is happening fast enough may be a blessing.  The greatest things may take time to process in the Universe before delivered.  Having patience also allows things that aren’t meant to cross your path to weed themselves out before they get to you.  Now that is a blessing.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that people don’t have the same heart as me.  That has been a rougher lesson.  People will go to any level to try to destroy your heart.  I think we all may question, well maybe I will not do so much for people or go to the extreme.  I call that extreme.  I feel that we should always be generous, but generosity for the right people is a lesson I needed to learn most.  I mean that about energy the most.  When you “feel” that you can help someone, make sure they truly want the help.  Something you may find is right may not be where they are in life at the time and your advice or help can be misconstrued as judgment etc.

What I know for the New Year is that my heart will never change.  The love I give to the world is meant to be.  The forgiveness I give is truth.  I believe we are all humans and imperfect, obviously myself included.  I believe we all should win and we should encourage others to win too.

The one thing I am asking the Universe to serve me is no longer putting negative people who do nothing in my path.  People who merely want to use, abuse, good people, the system, always get one over on everyone and judge and try to make others feel as low as their own life is.  I am tired of those people.  I wish them well of course, but you will know that into 2017, you will never be around me.  I will make sure of that.  Black Clouds do not have a place around my shine!

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Money & Magic

Confronting Money & Magic in the new year!

So, I’ve been confronting people. That is newer news. I have had a lifetime of sitting back, being passive, wishing I would have said this or that. Now, nah. I don’t have to worry about someone coming to me and saying awww did you say this behind my back, because well I said it to your face. No issue. Speaking my truth is liberating. I also don’t focus on saying things on a constant basis because of course none of my businesses would be thriving and we can’t have that! I’m about abundance and flow and money is all part of this process.

The way I work, the level of energy, commitment and passion I put in my work is inspirational even to me. What I can accomplish is pretty amazing. I watch the ideas unfold from my head to paper. Then from paper to reality. Then everyone can see it. Then there is no guessing. The magic comes to life. I can feel the magic. I believe in the bell from Polar Express one of my favorite Christmas movies. When you believe, watch out because magic truly happens!

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Well this is a subject I don’t necessarily discuss. What is friendship? I’m not sure I am the best to answer it. I hope that I am a decent friend. I’m not all that committed to extra curricular activities that others would like. I don’t go out much. I’m not one to “hang out” really. I’m here though. I’m available. When you text I do text back. When you call, I may not always be available but I will call back.

I try to be there for friends in a new sense these days. Instead of always forcing my thoughts or opinions I wait until they are ever needed if at all. I try to listen more than respond. I try to interject of course non-judgmental advice and love into my friendships. I am and will always be a generous friend as that’s the way it’s written for me in the universe.

I don’t believe others need to be as generous back ever. My expectation of others is an ear, but more importantly loyalty. I would do anything to know that someone is and can be as loyal as I can be to them. I also feel like people can move on from friendships with no re-course. I don’t feel like when you have had enough of a relationship with anyone that they should go and tell secrets or make up lies. When a relationship ends move on. As adults growth is imperative. I have had to leave a lot of people behind not because anything was wrong with where they were at, but because I had to grow and move on.

Life is far more simple than we make it.  The deeper you can care about yourself, the more to offer to friends.  So, don’t be upset when someone can’t give you exactly what you put out.  People can only give to the capacity that they love themselves 🙂

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I care.

I care.

I have spent my life caring, thus far. I find it a wonderful thing and a blessed quality. I am passionate about all I do and care for all those in my path. I feel like anyone who enters into my path, whether it’s on vacation, a waitress or a chance encounter with a stranger. All is my journey to see it, take it in and choose which direction I will ultimately go. We are all fortunate like that. When we raise our head up high, open our eyes, and ears and mostly our heart, we are able to see such beauty in the world.

One thing I do notice is that not everyone has the same heart, not because they don’t want to, but because they think from their level of perception. And, that’s ok, not to be judged but be cautious. Continue to care, but always remember to care for yourself first then those around you, the one’s most dear.i

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Writing about my gratitude is nothing to my showing of appreciation to others, the details I remember, making sure to remember important things, dates, what is going on for others is that interpersonal connection I feel like we all long for. When it comes to an actual challenge of gratitude, I could write a book and a long book at that.

Family first above all, but then what about all the little things that of course shouldn’t go unnoticed for this Thanksgiving Day. The relaxation scents I am grateful for, above all lavender. I haven’t met any scent that comes close to that of lavender. I have it in essential oils in every part of my life. It truly makes my mood improve.

The apple computer and phone systems I am grateful for. Their ability to be unmatched regarding organization across all platforms is unbeatable. I wanted to mention some everyday things that without the invention, life wouldn’t work the way it does.

I am beyond grateful for my brain and he knowledge I have learned. I am blessed to be able to turn my dreams into a reality and then some. I am not just a dreamer. I am a doer. I am so thankful for the decision making skills and the risks I am willing to take to ensure my goals will be achieved.

I am grateful for boundaries. Boundaries create a safe place for us all that not all of us learn growing up, myself included. But, when boundaries are in place it makes communication more clear. We should all have some boundaries in life and always respect. Respect is to never be messed with. I don’t tolerate disrespect anymore. I am grateful for respect!

On this day of giving, even though everyday I am giving, whether it be of something or whether it be my energy. I am willing to share it with those who actually want it. Wanting to look within is a tough task, but knowing this journey I am always willing to share and explore with others.

No matter what path of your journey you are on, know the script can always be re-written, the ending can change. None of that cannot happen without gratitude and most of all love❤️

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Giving to Receive

Giving to Receive.

I really believe that if you give to others without expectation, good things will come your way.  But don’t expect them to give you something you aren’t prepared to give in return.  Your kids won’t live a life very different from the example you set and don’t expect your employees to do work you aren’t willing to do.

So be a model for what you expect in life. Live a life that makes you proud and others will want to follow you. If you are sharing what you want with the wrong person don’t worry. The right one will come along one day. In life, the more love you give, the more you will get back.  Remember to receive love you must be prepared to give it, even when it is hard for you. Give love without reservation and you will find the life you want to live.

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So I been cooking. Usually I am doing baking but not necessarily all the cooking I could be doing. I want meals my family loves, not just likes. I want them to want a recipe I make again. So, I’ve been working on it. I spend time googling and on Pinterest trying to find the latest dishes of food I know they would appreciate. The more I do and put love in, the more I see them happy. The less we are worrying about where to go for dinner and the less processed foods in the house. I have been using the crock pot, using ingredients I never even heard of and giving it a go.

Cooking frees me. It allows me to spend time with my family instead of constantly on the computer building an empire. Now as important as that is, building my empire at home will always be most important.

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El Dorado :)

So, I have been doing some thinking over this past week, working too, why of course.  Thinking though!  I have been thinking about high school and even before where I had been bullied, mistreated, and what it all came down to was jealousy.  I was different.  I didn’t fit the mold of just fitting in.  I had my own opinions, but back then I remained silent and it repressed me.  It repressed and depressed me.

As I have gotten older and well, more fine lines and wrinkles, I cannot even believe how I have blossomed in my own skin, how my stretch marks and chub have turned into such beauty.  I found my voice.  I refuse to repress my voice.  If I have something to say, I say it.  Or, I keep it to myself.  I am all about the universe and karma.  I believe in myself and what I do and it shows daily.  I have all the abundance I could ask for as a result of how I live.  I have limited and continue to limit any threats to that abundance, and by threats I mean sheer jealousy.  And, the majority of the jealousy is by other women 🙁

I have realized that as much as I have been trying to be human, I had green eyed monsters just wanting my life, not looking at me like gee, what can I do to make it or I want to have my own things, no people I deal with want to steal my joy and have my life with little to no effort.  As money doesn’t go on trees, neither does genuine, loving, people.  I see what the world has to offer and I am blessed.  We can all be blessed if we find ourselves and what we need to be responsible for and stop blaming everyone else.

I am less than concerned with others.  I look up to Oprah, Maya Angelou, Meghan Kelly and so many more beautiful souls.  I admire them.  I think to myself, what can do to work harder to be more like them.  I never think, well what can they do for me or give to me?  Or who can I attach to like a parasite to take from and then be ungrateful.  I am not sure what went wrong or why people think that people are objects or money goes on trees, but I pray that things start to change.

To all the haters and I mean all:  “Thank you for reaffirming all the beauty I possess that I never even knew all these years.  All the hate and jealousy that continues to come my way, I even turn into a positive.  I see it as flattering.  You make me even more special than I already know I am.”

I know my life is my treasure and it is truly a treasure to a land of gold, my own el dorado, go figure!


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Holidays are Coming 2016 :)

The Holiday’s are coming. It is the giving season. It is exciting and a warm feeling. I love Halloween. I love to hand out Candy. I love this time of year. Then, there is of course, Thanksgiving, where we feed our bellies to all kinds of good stuff, pies, cakes, turkey, potatoes, squash, oh my! I believe this season is to pay it forward. I plan to continue to each year give more and more of myself and what I have to others without of course leaving me out. Remember to pay it forward this season! I am so cheerful it is starting! Because we have an electronic documentation system we can count on…we have more time for working on this season and what it brings, which is light and love!

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Always Rise Heart of Gold

Always Rise ❤️ of Gold

Hearts of Gold. Something I possess. With that comes negativity at times. I know you may say why. What is negative about a heart of gold? What’s negative, more who is negative toward those with hearts of gold are people who don’t possess or envy this beautiful heart. At times those of us who have this blessing may think of it as a curse because it can be mistreated or hurt. Others may take advantage of you, take more than anticipated, only come around when something is needed, not really check in or care.

The one thing I know is those of who possess this blessing can never fall victim to the, well I just won’t care or I won’t give my heart again mentality. We must continue to give of ourselves, along with to ourselves. When we do that we will never be victim to others behavior that is less than desired. We will always rise.

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