Elegant Mission & Philosophy

Elegant is more than a place to learn and grow.  Elegant is where individuals go to find their place in the community by learning rules to live and work by.  To achieve this goal Elegant works with advanced social skills modules taken from many sources.  These modules are then integrated into Elegant’s daily routines.

Modules Include:

  • How to appreciate yourself.  Love & Self-Acceptance.
  • Learning to do the right thing.
  • How to be respectful.
  • How to be trustworthy.
  • Personal Hygiene.
  • Personal development (including key values).
  • Writing a resume.
  • Planning a budget.
  • Tracking success.


Our Individuals will achieve his/her greatest potential.  Our Individuals will be able to pursue meaningful work.  Your loved one will be cared for by kind and competent staff.  Our individuals make dependable and competent employees.

A successful model needs to run like a well-oiled machine.  Life and work are more rewarding when you improve the lives of others and yourself.  Elegant is poised to have world-wide impact, as care with integrity moves people to new heights!