You see when we come in the world, I imagine we are supposed to learn the lessons we need to take us on the journey we are here to carry out. I believe we ask for a goal or mission and then we lead into the work that ultimately defines us, good, bad or indifferent. Some of us are blessed to learn quicker and some it takes longer.

What I know for sure is we attach to people. We are human. We seek love, joy and peace. At times we can go about our methods to achieve our goals differently, some hurtful to others, some to ourselves.

When we are trying to get to where we are going, there is a lot of speed bumps, stop signs, traffic lights and sometimes there isn’t anything in the road when you think to yourself maybe their should be. Should I keep going? Should I stop? Should I go through the yellow? Should I go through the red? All choices. Sometimes we choose the path of least resistance because we want peace or tranquility. Sometimes we don’t want the conflict. Sometimes…

We could all lead lives that come with a path of least resistance. We can speak the truth of someone else, agree, compromise on a continuous basis. We can even agree with things we absolutely have no business agreeing with. We then internalize it. It comes for our spirit, it continues to try to shed light in small ways then the light becomes brighter to the point of no ignore. It comes on strong, so hard, it can be paralyzing or complete discomfort. It can feel like you would rather choose death to keep on in the struggle.

Then, you remember what you came for, the direction the universe takes you no matter how far you try to run from it, your calling shall follow you. On that path you encounter people who are there to stay, soulmates, people who are lessons and those who are guided and more importantly the snakes. All need unconditional love and kindness.

The only path you are on is your own. Truly, it isn’t my business what anyone thinks of me. We all have a different path and every now and then we find some that belong on our path too, sometimes for a season, sometimes for the duration. All I know is, no force out there is greater than love. When you meet anyone who attempts to steal your joy, damage your soul or makes you cry, kindly step over them and keep walking. Their path was never meant to do anything but be a deterrent from your mission. You owe them no more energy. Pray for them and thank God that you are not them on their path because as lonely as it is to struggle to succeed, can you imagine the loneliness that exists in them. I am certain I never want to.

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Graduation-I feel timely this blog for many many reasons…

I haven’t blogged in a while. The universe had me stagnant for a bit to learn some deeper truths. I would take steps forward, but I kept being pushed back as if by a force greater than myself. The universe was trying to get me to align with it, to eliminate anyone or thing that didn’t allow for my ultimate mission of love and inspiration to shine though.

A lot of shine dimmers flow through your life. They aren’t intentionally bad.  They are lessons for your growth. You are lessons for their growth. If they choose not to adhere to the lesson, we cannot enable them to do so, and we certainly cannot enable them to not grow, which is where I was catching this case in life. People will always end up where you found them and where you left them if they choose not to grow.

As I’ve always said, gratitude and love are foundations for success. It’s a common theme in my blogs. I’ve found myself fighting to hold on in my life and fighting to let go and today I’m letting go of what does not serve me, what isn’t my problem, what isn’t part of my journey and I’m working on love and self-acceptance.

I have met some “confused” people who try to bring you down, mind, body and soul. I watch them left exactly where they came into my life at just years later. I watch the same foul mouth degrading things happen time and time again, just this time thanks to this amazing woman and women I know-I’m doing everything in my power to not engage, detach and separate. It’s hard. I’m quite the fighter. It bids well at times, but mainly I need to learn what battle is mine to fight and when to surrender that it’s never been mine.

Over the past months I have watched people come together I wouldn’t expect too, I watched love come right to me, to ME! I have felt love so strong in ways I couldn’t imagine from so many and yet so few.

I made lists about my future personally and professionally. I watched the list get delivered. I revised the list. To tolerate disrespect, lack of love, and well, sheer abuse isn’t in my future anymore. That was my lesson. I graduated from anyone trying to tear me down, try to make me feel anything less than beautiful. You see when people say nasty things about you-in most cases they are referring to themselves. Don’t respond, it’s unnecessary.

I have two beautiful daughters who I cherish, protect and hold onto for dear life. They are my angels, the truest form. I have been blessed this time around in so many ways. My youngest has taught me patience, to be kind, and all kinds of new love. She came into this world with a great purpose something even I couldn’t know at this point, but I know she is something so enchanting-I will have all the patience in the world to wait for.

Then I have my graduation birthday baby-who today is her high school graduation. It’s a moment of happiness and sadness all rolled into one for me. I would love to keep her home, in my sights but she is a flyer. She was born to fly, much higher than me. She is my light, my constant, far better than me. She has more balance, boundaries and love to give to the right souls. You see I’m sure my teachings of all the weaker souls may have helped with all that. She knows what she wants, she’s going to an excellent college next year and she’s got that shine that nobody is going to steal-no half ass shine girl there.

We all graduated to love and inspiration. I have a mission, a purpose here on earth. It isn’t to waiver. All the people I come in contact with and especially my work/family team has an obligation to flourish too. Nobody gets left behind only those who are repeated offenders of soul degradation and depletion. I choose to embark on my next years with the same core foundation, love and light I came here to do. I have made a choice to love myself, to be loved and to ensure that all those around me thrive right there with me, we all elevate high. I have some of the best colleagues, friends and team that money could never buy. I’m a lucky gal. The universe isn’t sending people by accident to you-it sends what you need at the time to learn and elevate, choose wisely.

Today, I honor all those who have stood beside me in my journey and I promise to never let you down anymore. I will no longer harbor anyone who doesn’t possess love and light. They will stay on the outside as an outsider. There is too much to give and serve in this world. The world is too full of beauty and beautiful people to even spend one minute doing anything else.

Today, I choose self-acceptance and love as I graduate from anything that no longer serves me.

God is good. The universe is good. People are mostly good. Some are just better suited out of my life and onto the next. I’m going to keep on shining and making love my life.

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Busy Busy Busy Year

So the Universe has turned, decisions have been made and spirit has commanded my attention for Elegant and beyond.  We have so much to look forward too and it is exciting.  Those “miserables” that never belonged in our universe have either walked, ran or fell clear off the earth!

With gratitude I am blessed as is my entire team.  Our mission is live, it’s real and we don’t have to sugar coat.  We are working hard on next steps to carry out our mission and it is embodied in all we do.

Changes are coming, the universe is turning and I do believe 2017 was the last of the toxic years, at least for me.  If you would like the same, it is clear that you need to de-clutter your life and don’t forget your closet!

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Behind the Scenes as CEO

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes is fun, challenging, a hunt, but I would never say boring.  When you find out what you are born to do, why you are here on Earth, it becomes real simple to lead a life out of pure passion with purpose and intent for each day you step your feet on the ground when you wake up.  Behind the scenes of my life as a CEO, I have to say I am blessed, not just people who think they are, I am truly blessed, grateful and honored to be here.  My contract in this life I have signed, sealed and delivered.  I am right where I am supposed to be.  I feel better than I could ever have imagined.

Where else on earth am I able to look at my calendar and take off out of Bradley which is about five minutes from my house and go to any destination in the world.  Where else could I look and take time off as necessary.  I couldn’t be more blessed health wise.  I used to be sick all the time at “jobs.”  Since I became the CEO of my mission here on Earth, that illness miraculously disappeared.  I used to make excuses, not drive in snow, tired, all of which are history now!

My mission, passion, power is all greater than me.  I am able to do behind the scenes cooking, try out new recipes, cook for large groups, bake (baking chocolate chip cookies is my favorite)…I am able to enjoy time with my family.  I am able to plan events.  I believe I was a planner in another life, so it’s so much fun.  I am always open to the challenge of finding things out there, whatever to meet my mission of the day, week, month, year.

You see I am a dreamer, but not a dreamer that stays in my head, a dreamer that turns into a doer.  I manifest great things.  I plan to do whatever it takes to always take care of my family and team, my individuals, my customers and strangers alike.  I plan to be charitable in all I am in all ways I can.  I plan to live the shit out of this life, and continue to inspire others with my passion!  So, behind the scenes of my life, I am truly grateful.  I love the hunt each day brings me!

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As we near the end of this year that well, I would call 2017 the cleaning out negative energy year.  Lessons came and lessons went.  Excitement is coming and all the clutter will be gone in merely 3 days.  How exciting this will all be!

What I have found is compassion existing in people all around who want to do more, be more and get ready for abundance in 2018.  You see we were all given a gift, and mine was for inspiration.  Sometimes it gets confused by evil-doers as a way to take advantage or mistake kindness for weakness, but those especially the closest too me know this to be the farthest from the truth.

I continue to live by being compassionate to others and that means anyone, friend, foe, or stranger.  It is our duty as we continue to move through this journey with grace here on Earth, what we call life, I continue to look around and pray for everyone.  It will be absolutely essential for us to elevate our levels of compassion or 2018 because if you have been someone who hasn’t looked in the mirror or continues to do any types of evil doing you will surely need the prayers.  I can feel it.  Get your karma straight and start the hard work on yourselves, please.  It is our duty to find compassion for others who even harm us as we are all one soul.

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Empowering Women…Inspiring Others…

Empowering Women, Inspiring Others.

Empowering women makes the world go round! It breeds better friends, lovers, passion, existence. Women empowerment leads to better teachers, mothers, providers, all around love. When we allow women to follow and carry out their dreams, the outcome is a benefit to us all. Empowered women are able to shine down on the world in ways that deviate from hate and drama in tactful ways. Empowered women make better wives and mothers.

Empowered women inspire others to do the same. They are able to see the struggle, humble up and help another going through it. I know that going through a lot of what I have gone through, it would be best to benefit from the inspiration from other empowered women. When women are empowered and other people, they are better equipped to raise empowered children who are not bullying due to their own insecurities they have risen above and are able to have compassion and love for others. It is time to get to a level of empowerment from within and then help others to do the same.

And, just so you know…women being empowered does nothing but benefit the men around us… JUST SAYING!

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I had a VISION…

I had a vision!

So I had a vision a week ago…it just came in my mind during meditation and it was gorgeous and it moved me.  It was of two paths that were never-ending. Life is a path that is never ending. More importantly it’s a journey not a destination. I think what we fail to see is the journey is the funnest part.

Never lose sight of your journey. The moments of love, passion, the sheer memories of it all. Know that at any time you can change the path and the scenery.



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Inhale 2018 and EXHALE 2017 and anything before…

I spent a lifetime stuffing emotions, venting them out with prayers of being saved, until I finally decided to learn acceptance, confront the necessary, ignore the haters, but always let them know my introverted keep to myself world can always transform at a moments notice to the lone wolf that refuses to back down to the insecure shit you wish to deliver.

2017 is the year I am giving up stuffing my emotions! It’s the last year of garbage pale warriors who try to infiltrate my life. I am chaining the locks metaphorically speaking and moving on. It’s my time, it’s your time, it’s all of our times. Inhale the glory, exhale the everything that no longer serves you stuff that has contributed to intoxicating your soul with reminders of what you thought you weren’t, what you thought you didn’t deserve and anything that even remotely feels like it dims your light.

I always refer to the dimming of the light and I must say that it’s quite simple, anything or anyone that you allow or feels that they can manipulate your golden heart with selfishism I’ll call it, good riddens. Anyone who looks at your life and wants some credit even an ounce, have a seat. Always room for a supporter, always room for someone to make you feel absolutely beautiful but never room for someone who wants you to save them.

For all my searching for my savior I realized it was always within me, in the mirror looking back out. I feel more joy, more life for the integrity and amazing self I have created, I have worked for. As I continue to stop stuffing it leaves room for more love, joy and health!

I will inhale my present with conviction and honor my past. Without all the days as a quiet observing sheep I could have never transitioned into a encouraging, ferocious, passionate wolf.

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Gratitude for my Elegant Team…the reason for the season!

Gratitude for my Soul Family

As we reach Thanksgiving and of course always, I choose to blog about my gratitude for my soul family.  I have many to be grateful for, God, the Universe, my children, my husband, and of course, my cat.  I have many friends to of course have gratitude for and angels along the way who have always taught me a lesson even if the experience was less than desired.

I would like to give special thanks for my Elegant Team.  As I continue to embark on further journeys and future endeavors for my social enterprise I realize who is there day to day making the dream work, bringing my vision to life.

I will start with my gatekeeper or Elegant Director, India. She has tirelessly put up with my continued obsessions, my yelling from my office to get something and always willing to do anything that supports the mission.  After hours, she will do whatever it takes to listen to an idea, personally or professionally by me, travel on a whim and be there for any and all that needs to be done.  Her ability to manage the Elegant program and work on other endeavors, makes the dream work.  She has learned me like no other and supports which ever way the mission goes on any given day.  India will give into the individuals served needs as I always want in the mission we started Elegant by.

Takisha, who may appear quiet, but is super outgoing and loving.    She will do whatever it takes to make the day go smooth.  She listens and is super supportive to the Elegant Team members and is always willing to go the extra mile when direction is given.  She is fun, loving and super caring to those we serve and continues to rise up with Elegant as we move forward into new avenues.

Chantel, who has been with us from the start, WOW!  She is a staple, someone that we can count on to ensure delivery of any supplies, care for the program afterhours, before hours and beyond.  Her commitment has enlarged the mission from the beginning following our current growth.  She goes above and beyond to make sure the individuals served are cared for even doing after hour calls and FaceTime with individuals making their home life as smooth as it is supposed to be at Elegant.

Monica, holds it down.  When she is not present her absence is missed.  She is someone the individuals can count on to maintain the rules and order while still giving them all the incentives out of her own pocket as with her own family members.  She goes above and beyond during hours and after hours to help individuals served feel special as she is to Elegant.  Monica has been with us for many years.  She is funny and super loving even though sometimes she tries not to show that side of her.

Derrick, of course is a relaxed, do anything type of guy.  He will do things without being asked and go above and beyond.  He brings a sense of calm and love to the program.  He will stay late and finish progress notes for all of his teammates while they leave to go off to other jobs or to go home.  He will step up into a leadership role as needed at anytime to ensure things are done.  In a moments notice, he can travel, work and will even come in work sick.  His effort and level of commitment are to be admired.

Darnell,  is funny, caring, loving and knows how to navigate any dilemma with ease and finesse.  His charm keeps the individuals served happy and content.  He is always accommodating, will go and pick up anything that needs to be picked up and has also been doing a lot of maintenance to chip in when we have a sudden defect in our wall from a slight punch from our individuals.  He has been with us for some time as well and I know he can attest to whatever he suggests, results to be delivered.

Penny, is a mother figure to me and the program, doing arts and crafts, providing that therapeutic element that is necessary in a program like ours.  Her ability to manage a crisis situation is excellent and done with ease.  She goes out of her way to make suggestions so that the lives of those we serve is one of quality and love.  She voices her concerns and makes things happen.  Her balance is one of beauty and elegance.

Edwin, is a Godly man who embeds the Elegant program with morals, values, and skills.  He works hard on off hours to make sure that the skills learned in the program are those of lasting success with real life practical examples so that those we serve are respected, loved and have the ability to flourish in the world.  Those individuals served who are getting job interviews and those employed have done so under the direction of his amazing values and skills that have been integrated into the Elegant Program.

LaTisha “Tot”,  Our newest Shining star to come to the Elegant Team who has fit in with ease and belongs in our team of love, joy, and excitement.  Tot can quickly diffuse situations and is always found engaging with the individuals served, cleaning, helping any way she can.  Tot actually asks what she can do to help and does it.  When she says something you can count on her to do it.  She is someone of her word and puts in the effort.  Her success should be no shock in the Elegant Program where she has found a fit.

Tracy, is the core, the foundation of Elegant, the reason for the season, the man who on the scene and behind the scene has the most affiliation to me, the man I envisioned for the job.  He has held up to the job by providing that brick layer that built us and will continue to shelter us with the brick layer he puts around us to protect us all from the evil that inevitably comes when you run a program as amazing as ours.  Tracy is my rock, without him, there would be no Elegant!

Everyone goes above and beyond…everyone takes money from their own pocket to better the lives of those we serve and beyond…everyone is living the mission!  I am beyond grateful to everyone who puts up with my level of “awesomeness” some may call crazy!  I am honored to be part of this Elegant Team!

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