Believe you Can!!!

If you believe you can, If you believe you can’t…

I love quotes! I am sure you can tell!

Whether you believe you can’t or can do something it makes a difference. Reading quotes, liking them doesn’t compare until you are living them, truly living them, truly aware of the meaning.

I know people who will argue as if they are in life’s highest debate as to their position on something while not truly living whatever it is they are debating or believing that something is so worthless simply because that is how they truly feel.

My oldest is looking into colleges and one that is elite simply debating over and over all the reasons why she may not get in. So, finally I said, then don’t apply. Don’t waste yours or anyone’s time applying if you don’t believe in yourself. If you believe you can’t do it then you can’t. Simple. That stopped the debate in its tracks. There was no further need to progress on as if she couldn’t. Thankfully she changed her mindset and will be applying. We even did a college tour!

Out of all the hard roads I continue to overcome. The journey has taken me in such exciting directions teaching me bravery, courage, love, tolerance, and an unstoppable passion that I believe existed all along. One of the toughest battles I feel like I have yet to conquer is weight. The more I think about weight and move toward a healthy lifestyle, the more I think we believe ourselves fat.

I am still working through the kinks of my hypothesis, but I do believe I may do this on a daily basis. As I start working on changing my habits I also realize we carry an emotional habit as well to hold onto the weight. As I eat any carbs, I simply feel defeated as if I know I will be bloated after ward and simply give up for the day if I do eat them. So I started becoming more aware of it. I stopped punishing myself for all that I am, for the body I need to love. So what, I had some bread. I ate the snack, the dessert. That still means I am sexy, attractive and confident. I believe we constantly sabotage our own selves from success.

I don’t believe I should have this or that, or did I work hard enough, did I work out? Did I eat well…? It’s all a cycling of nonsense. When you stop all the naysayers in your head and the script changes in your mind, body and spirit, transformation has room to occur.

Let’s all get on a journey of transformation and stop letting our own head stop us from the mission we are here to serve.

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