Spiritual Encounter

Spiritual Encounter 4-13-2017

She said she was originally from Chicago and we talked mostly about children and life. Youthful and attractive at 49 there was something special and compelling about her. She was clearly someone with an amazing sense of self, life and personal spirit.

So I was surprised when, during our conversation, she said she believed she would die in three years at the age of 52! She said this was just a conviction and that she was not ill, or facing impending death. Yet she knew she would die at 52, and that was that. Yet despite her morbid conviction she was still one of the most upbeat, full-of-life, people I have ever met!

Afterwards I felt that I had really received an important message. Her strong sense of mindfulness had elevated our conversation above the everyday and had left me inspired to work even harder to live in and for the moment. I believe we are all so concerned about tomorrow that we don’t enjoy all the joy and blessings we receive today. So in honor of my new acquaintance I have vowed to practice mindfulness even harder to celebrate her beautiful soul and mine. I feel privileged to have had even a small encounter with such an amazing and inspiring individual who has left me with such a great and valuable gift.

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