Resources, etc…


So it is a time when resources are plummeting no matter which way you turn.  Many agencies have decided not to weather the storm and then there are a few that are stepping up to the plate.  Changes in care require a cultural change, not philosophical change, but culture changes.  The top-heavy management is not going to work much longer in this industry of care.  It is time to create or form some teams that can get the job done.   Yes, like Mr. Belichick J  In order for “sustainability” to occur in this industry a new model must be developed.  A model of technology and efficiency.

So, what are the actual steps behind the ideas and grand thoughts?

It is time to create a structure where the individuals you serve have the power of choice while knowing they are secure with their caregivers.  You see at the foundation of a good working environment lies with love.  Love for those you serve, a passion, a level of care, empathy, that you either have or you don’t.  And, guess what, the individuals served can sense ALL THAT.  So, you won’t make it in the field if it doesn’t exist.  And, well never get too comfortable because these people will pull out strategies that you never knew could exist, but give love from your heart.  Trust me, they need it and any one of them can pick up someone who doesn’t belong.  Remember they spent a life not fitting in like many of us have, so they know the outliers.

Create a work environment that is the least hazardous to your employees, having structure, a schedule of staff, activities, appointments and clear and concise expectations.  Follow up, check in, CARE.  It’s care we provide.  It seems like common sense, but at the end of the day we complicate things with intensive clinical plans, negative energy and drama.

Give these individuals a chance and you will see growth, progress and they will teach you things you were meant to learn so that you can personally grow too.  Everyone is here to teach us something so make sure you get that intuition raised and I bet some of you are already equipped with the right formula how.

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