If I ruled the world…

If I ruled the World…

If I ruled the world I would like everyone to get the love, attention and trust that they needed from a very young age, to be nurtured with love and disciplined with the same love.  I would want a world of balance, fairness where if you win you learn and if you lose you learn.  A world where the universe was present, people were able to be free to make choices and if the choices were bad, the consequences would fit the crime, nothing more nothing less.  I wish people were loved as young children so that they would learn to be industrious, not inferior.  I would want people to feel safe, secure, without fear unless it came from a past life and it was there to transform them or teach a lesson of value. I would want a world where people minded their own business unless it was time to react, act to wrong-doing, not to merely manipulate and hurt others.

I feel like we should live in a world where we are loved, where we have freedom of expression no matter what it is without ridicule.  If we aren’t effecting others, then why would expression hurt another.  We should live where a governmental system of incompetency does not exist.  A place where people earn their jobs, not just get into the system based on who you know.  A place where people are able to move fluidly through the world making an impact, finding and more importantly have a purpose to act upon.  A place of integrity.  Where if you do commit a crime and do the time, that you are not branded for the rest of your life, reform without control.  A way to rehabilitate those who can be without being naïve to think everyone can be reformed.  Troubled souls will need to make that effort their next time around on the earth.

If I ruled the world there would be no color, disability, hidden agendas.  I would rule a world of freedom and prosperity, a world of fairness.   Knowledge is power and education does a lot, but love conquers all.

As a business owner, I have that purpose and others have a duty to stand up against any form of discrimination and make an impact.  We can no longer sit back and watch the show.  It is debatable to me if those who watch are worse than those that do.  I would lean to the latter.  It is time that we fight fire with fire to end the bullies, retaliatory and inequalities.  Now I am not going to change the whole world, but if I believe I rule the world, then I must do my part in making that world a better place, a place of trust and most of all love.  In order to get started on this new world, it can’t be the same world.  We can’t just make America great again when equality has never been part of the equation.  We can’t ignore it any longer, suppress or tolerate it.

I see business owners instead of being up front, teaching the proper skills, if they feel hurt personally, they just go after their employees in progressive discipline with the thought of any difference in opinion, however, the diversity is absolutely necessary to see different sides, make sure you are covered, make sure your impact is the greatest.  I see people I don’t even know coming at me with bogus e-mails, trying to side bar attack me and my organization.  I pray for them, wish that they were loved, wish that they didn’t feel inferior and wish they spent more time on themselves. The issue is however hard it is, it isn’t personal.  It is a void that others have and the only thing those of us on a mission can do is pray and move on, most times.  Most times it isn’t our battle something isn’t right within them.  When it gets way too out of control, we must act, it’s our duty.  We can’t tolerate injustice and another person being harmed for acts they don’t commit or someone else’s hate or jealousy.  I am here to act.  I am here as a warrior and if I ruled the world then neutrality is not an option.  Neutrality only silences the oppressor not the oppressed.  So, if I ruled the world, I’d send my love to all and hopefully it fills the deep void that they have which makes them hate and they in turn love those around them and the cycle of love repeats. J

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