Graduation-I feel timely this blog for many many reasons…

I haven’t blogged in a while. The universe had me stagnant for a bit to learn some deeper truths. I would take steps forward, but I kept being pushed back as if by a force greater than myself. The universe was trying to get me to align with it, to eliminate anyone or thing that didn’t allow for my ultimate mission of love and inspiration to shine though.

A lot of shine dimmers flow through your life. They aren’t intentionally bad.  They are lessons for your growth. You are lessons for their growth. If they choose not to adhere to the lesson, we cannot enable them to do so, and we certainly cannot enable them to not grow, which is where I was catching this case in life. People will always end up where you found them and where you left them if they choose not to grow.

As I’ve always said, gratitude and love are foundations for success. It’s a common theme in my blogs. I’ve found myself fighting to hold on in my life and fighting to let go and today I’m letting go of what does not serve me, what isn’t my problem, what isn’t part of my journey and I’m working on love and self-acceptance.

I have met some “confused” people who try to bring you down, mind, body and soul. I watch them left exactly where they came into my life at just years later. I watch the same foul mouth degrading things happen time and time again, just this time thanks to this amazing woman and women I know-I’m doing everything in my power to not engage, detach and separate. It’s hard. I’m quite the fighter. It bids well at times, but mainly I need to learn what battle is mine to fight and when to surrender that it’s never been mine.

Over the past months I have watched people come together I wouldn’t expect too, I watched love come right to me, to ME! I have felt love so strong in ways I couldn’t imagine from so many and yet so few.

I made lists about my future personally and professionally. I watched the list get delivered. I revised the list. To tolerate disrespect, lack of love, and well, sheer abuse isn’t in my future anymore. That was my lesson. I graduated from anyone trying to tear me down, try to make me feel anything less than beautiful. You see when people say nasty things about you-in most cases they are referring to themselves. Don’t respond, it’s unnecessary.

I have two beautiful daughters who I cherish, protect and hold onto for dear life. They are my angels, the truest form. I have been blessed this time around in so many ways. My youngest has taught me patience, to be kind, and all kinds of new love. She came into this world with a great purpose something even I couldn’t know at this point, but I know she is something so enchanting-I will have all the patience in the world to wait for.

Then I have my graduation birthday baby-who today is her high school graduation. It’s a moment of happiness and sadness all rolled into one for me. I would love to keep her home, in my sights but she is a flyer. She was born to fly, much higher than me. She is my light, my constant, far better than me. She has more balance, boundaries and love to give to the right souls. You see I’m sure my teachings of all the weaker souls may have helped with all that. She knows what she wants, she’s going to an excellent college next year and she’s got that shine that nobody is going to steal-no half ass shine girl there.

We all graduated to love and inspiration. I have a mission, a purpose here on earth. It isn’t to waiver. All the people I come in contact with and especially my work/family team has an obligation to flourish too. Nobody gets left behind only those who are repeated offenders of soul degradation and depletion. I choose to embark on my next years with the same core foundation, love and light I came here to do. I have made a choice to love myself, to be loved and to ensure that all those around me thrive right there with me, we all elevate high. I have some of the best colleagues, friends and team that money could never buy. I’m a lucky gal. The universe isn’t sending people by accident to you-it sends what you need at the time to learn and elevate, choose wisely.

Today, I honor all those who have stood beside me in my journey and I promise to never let you down anymore. I will no longer harbor anyone who doesn’t possess love and light. They will stay on the outside as an outsider. There is too much to give and serve in this world. The world is too full of beauty and beautiful people to even spend one minute doing anything else.

Today, I choose self-acceptance and love as I graduate from anything that no longer serves me.

God is good. The universe is good. People are mostly good. Some are just better suited out of my life and onto the next. I’m going to keep on shining and making love my life.

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