About Our Team

Elegant Clinical Corporation

All roads continued to point toward a creation of love, joy and connectedness spiritually for people with disabilities and otherwise to come together and feel the shine of the universe through their souls and know that they are loved.  Leadership, vision, and EFFORT have paved the way to this successful mission of caring for the individuals served along with those who do the serving.  Like souls met, connected and we continue to welcome all souls to our phenomenal, groundbreaking non-profit where people truly are set up to grow where others may have doubted them.

The Universe set in motion and here we are!

Elegant is a groundbreaking program fostering emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological well-being.  We live our mission daily inside and out of work.  The entire team does!  It was more than time to get away from heavy administratively run agencies and open the doors wide to shine.  We are here to model what should be done.

Elegant also employs an electronic documentation system developed by it’s founders as well.

india-professional“Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.”

India Brantley, Director of Elegant & Beyond, who is calm and collected.  She enters each challenge with a flowing energy and goes above and beyond for the individuals we serve.  India is an expert at Ruby Electronic Documentation system and also writing reports.  Anything India is given, she will figure out.  She is an ultimate problem solver.  Her leadership skills are stealth and stellar.

My gatekeeper or Elegant Executive Director, India. She has tirelessly put up with my continued obsessions, my yelling from my office to get something and always willing to do anything that supports the mission.  After hours, she will do whatever it takes to listen to an idea, personally or professionally by me, travel on a whim and be there for any and all that needs to be done.  Her ability to manage the Elegant program and work on other endeavors, makes the dream work.  She has learned me like no other and supports which ever way the mission goes on any given day.  India will give into the individuals served needs as I always want in the mission we started Elegant by.



Penny Pic“Life’s most persistent, and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”  MLK

Miss Penny, is always doing for others.  She is diligent, calm and maintains control in the most loving ways.  She is always someone you can count on.  She is professional and witty.  Our individuals love Miss Penny!

Penny, is a mother figure to me and the program, doing arts and crafts, providing that therapeutic element that is necessary in a program like ours.  Her ability to manage a crisis situation is excellent and done with ease.  She goes out of her way to make suggestions so that the lives of those we serve is one of quality and love.  She voices her concerns and makes things happen.  Her balance is one of beauty and elegance.

“Always find time of the things that make you feel happy to be alive” #simplethings

Miss Monica, is someone who is loyal, faithful and ready to dive in.  She is a provider and will provide the best of care to the individuals at Elegant and beyond in in-home supports.  Her work ethic is one of integrity and tremendous style, not to mention her divine style.  Monica is an essential part of Elegant operations.

Monica, holds it down.  When she is not present her absence is missed.  She is someone the individuals can count on to maintain the rules and order while still giving them all the incentives out of her own pocket as with her own family members.  She goes above and beyond during hours and after hours to help individuals served feel special as she is to Elegant.  Monica has been with us for many years.  She is funny and super loving even though sometimes she tries not to show that side of her.

“Don’t talk about it!  Be about it!”  We sure are about it Darnell!

Mr. Darnell, is funny full of energy and life.  He has a way of keeping the program sane through the most insane times.  He listens to the needs of the individuals and acts on what needs to be done.  He is a diligent leader in the program who ensures incentives and balanced order.  Everyone loves Darnell!

Darnell,  is funny, caring, loving and knows how to navigate any dilemma with ease and finesse.  His charm keeps the individuals served happy and content.  He is always accommodating, will go and pick up anything that needs to be picked up and has also been doing a lot of maintenance to chip in when we have a sudden defect in our wall from a slight punch from our individuals.  He has been with us for some time as well and I know he can attest to whatever he suggests, results to be delivered.  Darnell has no trouble getting beat up and still being there to grab incentives!

Devon Pic“Make the most of your days, but don’t make a dollar, make a difference.”

Mr. Devon, is a stealth, reliable worker who we can count on to do work without question.  He does always what needs to be done and can be counted on.  He is an excellent team player and someone to look up to. His work ethic speaks for itself.

“What comes around, goes around.”

Mr. Derrick, is a quiet, warm, and loving part of our team.  He is always willing to be a part of the team and do whatever is necessary to ensure the daily operations at Elegant.  He is easy going and easy to talk to.  He is fair and balanced and a pleasure to have on our team.

Derrick, of course is a relaxed, do anything type of guy.  He will do things without being asked and go above and beyond.  He brings a sense of calm and love to the program.  He will stay late and finish progress notes for all of his teammates while they leave to go off to other jobs or to go home.  He will step up into a leadership role as needed at anytime to ensure things are done.  In a moments notice, he can travel, work and will even come in work sick.  His effort and level of commitment are to be admired.

“Never knock a man down when he is laying on his back.  Pick him up!”

Mr. Edwin, is a mentor and leader by nature.  He rallies up the team, keep people motivated and has inspirational messages to our team and the individuals we serve.  He is an inspiration to our individuals as well as our team.  He is always willing to help.

Edwin, is a Godly man who embeds the Elegant program with morals, values, and skills.  He works hard on off hours to make sure that the skills learned in the program are those of lasting success with real life practical examples so that those we serve are respected, loved and have the ability to flourish in the world.  Those individuals served who are getting job interviews and those employed have done so under the direction of his amazing values and skills that have been integrated into the Elegant Program.

Nothing beats a failure, but a try.”

Executive Director–Mrs. Takisha, is a new soul who is calm, loving, and always willing to help.  Her presence is absolutely needed in this industry.

Takisha, who may appear quiet, but is super outgoing and loving.    She will do whatever it takes to make the day go smooth.  She listens and is super supportive to the Elegant Team members and is always willing to go the extra mile when direction is given.  She is fun, loving and super caring to those we serve and continues to rise up with Elegant as we move forward into new avenues.

“To be aware is to be alive”

Sylvia, is a super smart, powerful soul.  She has a wealth of experience and knows how to work with clients because she absolutely cares.

“One’s opinion does not have to be your reality.”

LaTisha (Proud Mary), is reliable, no-nonsense, valuable addition to our Elegant Team.  Her star shines bright.

LaTisha “Tot”,  Our newest Shining star to come to the Elegant Team who has fit in with ease and belongs in our team of love, joy, and excitement.  Tot can quickly diffuse situations and is always found engaging with the individuals served, cleaning, helping any way she can.  Tot actually asks what she can do to help and does it.  When she says something you can count on her to do it.  She is someone of her word and puts in the effort.  Her success should be no shock in the Elegant Program where she has found a fit.

“Team Work makes the Dream Work”  Superman–he is our hero!

Freddie (Sedgwick), is a long-waited addition to the Elegant team.  His calm demeanor says it all as does his quote.  Welcome Freddie!


“Service with a Smile”

Maurice is retired from the United States Marine Core and has served his State in Law Enforcement.  He now proudly serves the most vulnerable community.  He is a dedicated advocate to protect and serve our individuals.  While providing them with service that will improve their quality of life and doing it with a smile.

“Don’t judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”

Tanaka  came to us in the universe with her beautiful self and adds a level of teamwork to make our dream work at Elegant.  She is a genuine, loyal phenomenal woman.

“Stay in the Elegant State of Mind.”

Belinda came to us from a universal pull that brought her to her Elegant family through an unfortunate set of circumstances with her nephew Joey King who is no longer with us.  We are grateful to him for his delivery of her but he will forever be missed.


“Knowing is not enough, we must apply.  Willing is not enough, we must do.”

Chris came to us to bring light and love to our program.  His calm nature is exactly what we have been needing.  He is a wonderful force in the universe and his gentle way of being shines bright with our mission.






Our Individual Testimonials:

“It’s a good job and safe place.  We are FAMILY!”

“It makes me feel better and they help me with my problems.”

“Staff help us get into the world!”

“I love the activities.”

“They really listen to what we want, and we get it!”