Diamond Shine Project


This is a project for a renovated multi-family housing complex in Hartford.  Technology will include:  Honeywell Thermostats; Eve Doors; Elgato Eve Room Sensors; One Link Hardware Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms; Smart Locks; and exterior and interior common area security cameras.

Here in Connecticut, the Private Sector is steadily losing state financial support for housing.  Unfortunately, this comes at a time when that need is continuing to increase.

But Elegant Clinical Corporation, a non-profit organization located in East Windsor, Connecticut, has developed a solution which reduces the need for public housing funds while creating an incentive to attract private housing development funding.  Through an innovated funding plan launched by Elegant Clinical new, or renovated, multi-family housing is made available at an affordable rate.  The plan, to provide affordable housing for the mentally challenged, is currently moving forward at a pilot project site in Hartford.  Essential, the plan offers 75% of the multi-family units at current market rates which allows the remaining 25% to be offered at affordable prices to individuals served by Elegant Clinical Corporation and other providers in Hartford County.

Elegant plans to use individuals from the center to do landscaping, clean up and office work at the site.  The project is also designed to build constructive relationships and provide jobs within the community for the individuals served.

Elegant Clinical believes this concept could be adapted for use throughout Connecticut and other parts of the country.  This is particularly important at a time when government sources of funding for affordable housing is drying up across the nation.